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Book # 2 (Empty Shelf Challenge) January 13, 2014

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I finished book #2 in the empty shelf challenge a couple days ago. The top of my bookshelf is slowing getting filled. I’m enjoying the challenge to read more, which in turn means watching less Netflix at night. In case you missed my first post about this challenge, here it is: https://lbourne.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/the-empty-shelf-challenge-book-1/

I opted for a fiction book this time. I love fiction but I haven’t read any in a Looooong time. So I perused my shelves in search of something I’ve been wanting to read. There is just too much to choose from!

Last fall I went to a children’s consignment sale and picked up a number of Janette Oke books. I remembered hearing about how great they are and seeing some of the movies on Netflix, but I had never read anything by her. I knew of the love series by her, but didn’t realize she had two other shorter series, too. I ended up with the complete sets of the Seasons and the Canada West series. But only the last 4 of the love series. So I decided to go with the Seasons ones. I don’t always like committing to a long series, so 4 seemed good enough (not like the 7 or 8 that is in the Love series). Anyways, so that’s how I settled on this particular book:


It took me a little bit to get into the story. The language and phrases are different (more country and old fashioned), so it took a chapter or two to get the hang of reading it naturally. Over all it was a good story. I finished it about midnight and then just had to keep reading onto the next book. It is clean (a big plus) and has good messages throughout.

The settler type stories always interest me. I find their simple lifestyles attractive. It would be nice to go back to not having so many distractions, more manners, healthier food (I’m guessing on this one) and just an overall purer form of life.

Yet, I am happy I live in modern times with all the conveniences that come with technology. Earlier times brought their own complications with so many chores to do, so much hard work required just to put food on the table and stay warm, and all the struggles of having to follow so many “traditions.”

I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to discovering what happens next to Josh, Lou and the rest of their family. I’m also looking forward to saving these books for my girls to read someday. I’ve already built up quite the collection for them!


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