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Books 3-5 (Empty Shelf Challenge) February 6, 2014

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I’m behind on posting my informal reviews for the books I’ve read as part of Jon Acuff’s empty shelf challenge. So here’s the next 3 I read:

This one is the second in the Seasons series by Janette Oke. And it was a great one! One of my favorites of the four. There was a lot of interesting dialogue between the main character and his new atheist friend. The main character did a lot of questioning of his faith, which led to a number of great observations that relate to real life:

“Either God was God–or He wasn’t. There was no moving Him in and out if my life with the mood I happened to be in.”

“Things didn’t just accidentally fall into being, that there is a Creator. Things didn’t just evolve. And because God was really God, He has the right to ask His creation to walk in His ways.”

“Did a person have to turn over everything–every part of life when he asked God to direct his ways? Wasn’t there some way I could still choose some areas where I could still be in control?”

The next book I read (in only a day!), is the third in the series:

This one was another great read and probably my favorite of all four. There was more soul searching by the main character that led to more good applicable truths. The author made a good point that sometimes we wait for God to call us to big and great things but that we are serving him the way he wants right where we are. That he can use us in the seemingly mundane and ordinary things.

My next book was the fourth and final book in the Seasons series.

Of all four, this one was my least favorite. It was still good, but it was a bit slower and more drawn out than necessary and then when it finally got more exciting at the end, the author rushed the conclusion (at least in my humble opinion). However, I’d still highly recommend this book and the entire series (of course!). I’m looking forward to reading Janette Oke’s other two series sometime this year.


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