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D is for Duck (updated) February 12, 2014

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(I’m behind on my posting. This is from about 3 weeks ago.)

This week we learned about D since it’s the next letter in Kady’s name and it also related well to the book we rowed with H’s school: The Story About Ping.

K had a lot of fun with ducks this week and can now say duck with a very heavy accentuated “ck” at the end.

K colored a D worksheet from 1+1+1=1. She was very careful to color the duck at each end of the letter.


I got out our duck game. I wouldn’t have thought to use it, except the above mentioned blog talked about it. So I pulled it out and K loved it! She played with it for days. She pulls out all the ducks, puts them on the pond, pushes the super annoying quacking button then turns it off, puts them away. Then later does the whole process over again. It keeps her nice and occupied!

She really got a kick out of covering up all the “d”s with the circle stickers. She made herself laugh when she covered up the poor duck’s eyes and beak, too!


I let her paint with some bingo markers. She loved it! But my table didn’t! She hasn’t quite gotten the concept down to paint and not violently dot it. And it leaks through the paper. Thank goodness for baby wipes and magic erasers!


We tried the color coordinating again. This time I gave her a crayon or colored pencil and pointed out (and kept having to remind her) which one to color each time.

She painted again with q-tips. She still hasn’t gotten the idea to only paint the dots on the letter. That or she just prefers to be more freestyle.


She did a lot better this week with stamping the cookie cutter in paint and carefully placing them on the paper.



She got a big kick out of being able to stamp the ducks into the playdoh (they have different shapes on their bottom), along with the cookie cutters.


We also read a lot of “d” themed books this week. Although K still doesn’t sit still very long. So most of the books she listened to while she ran around or played on the floor and big sis sat with me.




I made a “D” with a duck for K’s wall by her bed. I’m hoping she’ll enjoy looking at them during nap time and maybe it’ll help them stick in her mind more, too. I’m working on spelling her name first.


Big sis wanted in on the crafty fun, too. So she made K some eggs (for E) and a duck and a donut (for D).



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