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Meet the Puncs June 3, 2014

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I randomly stumbled onto this punctuation book series from the library during our FIAR study of Who Owns the Sun? when I was looking for books about question marks. H loved the Quincy Question Mark (not pictured below) book. She laughed and she learned. It was silly but it made punctuation easier to understand. It even had enough adult cleverness to them that I enjoyed it. So I curiously searched the library website to see if there were more in the series. And boy were there!





These are some of the ones our local library has. We read one a day for the next week. H kept begging each day to even read more of them. She enjoyed the characters, trying to find all the punctuation marks in the pictures and trying to understand how each one is used. Even now a few weeks later, she still laughs at remembering some of the characters. So Id say they were a hit.

If you’re looking for books to help explain punctuation or even a quick refresher for the summer, check these books out!


Robb’s bday party June 1, 2014

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My 5 year old loves throwing parties. Well, she likes pretending she’s throwing parties. She begs me a lot to invite people over for her parties, but usually it’s those “we’re still in our pjs day” or “already 6:00 and I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to make for dinner” nights, so I usually have to politely decline her requests.

She loves throwing surprise parties, too. She’ll tell me, “Mommy, I’m going to make you a surprise birthday party today!” I’m not sure she gets the actual concept of a surprise party. The fact that my birthday is months away doesn’t seem to factor in either.

H regularly asks what holiday is coming next, whose birthday is next, whose birthday is after that and whose birthday is coming after that. My girl is a planner!

My girl also loves making presents and cards for people. She’s constantly coming up with presents for her siblings, us or her cousins. She always wants to give some of her pictures or small trinkets away. I love her generous spirit, but sometimes she just doesn’t realize that although she means well, most people don’t want her half used pencil and a couple random crayons. But I’m not going to crush her giving spirit.

Since she is constantly begging me to let her decorate for a party, I finally gave in a couple weeks ago. I let her get the crete paper, party hats and party blowers out. She used up at least 2 rolls of scotch tape. And she had a blast.

See, this time she wanted to throw a party for Robb the Raccoon. Robb is actually one of her daddy’s stuffed animals from his childhood. And surprisingly he survived those years and all 5 of H’s years and he still has his eyes and ears.

Here’s the birthday boy (the one with the crown): 20140601-005908-3548738.jpg

H created quite the banquet spread for good ol’ Robb’s party:

She even created a pin the tail on the elephant game. You can see the elephant if you look very closely.

She even blind folded and spun Robb around a few times so he could play:





Id say Robb had a pretty great birthday party! Too bad mine’s not for another 5 months!