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Meet the Puncs June 3, 2014

Filed under: Books,Homeschooling — Lacey @ 11:20 pm

I randomly stumbled onto this punctuation book series from the library during our FIAR study of Who Owns the Sun? when I was looking for books about question marks. H loved the Quincy Question Mark (not pictured below) book. She laughed and she learned. It was silly but it made punctuation easier to understand. It even had enough adult cleverness to them that I enjoyed it. So I curiously searched the library website to see if there were more in the series. And boy were there!





These are some of the ones our local library has. We read one a day for the next week. H kept begging each day to even read more of them. She enjoyed the characters, trying to find all the punctuation marks in the pictures and trying to understand how each one is used. Even now a few weeks later, she still laughs at remembering some of the characters. So Id say they were a hit.

If you’re looking for books to help explain punctuation or even a quick refresher for the summer, check these books out!


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