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The Glorious Flight (FIAR 1) August 29, 2014

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I’m so behind in posting our book studies. So here’s to fresh beginnings with a new school year. Hopefully I can keep more on top of it this time and slowly catch up on last year’s studies.

Since I haven’t posted in a while, I should probably explain our homeschooling curriculum. We use Five In a Row (FIAR). Usually it’s designed to study a book for 5 days in a row (hence the name). However, I like to spread it to two weeks and go more in depth for a lot of the subjects. I also blend the subjects together a lot more instead of focusing solely on one a day. I find it’s easier to break off bite size pieces and the repetition of talking about the topics for multiple days during two weeks helps H learn a lot more.

In addition to the FIAR material, we also use Hooked on Phonics for reading and Life of Fred for math. H is also doing a daily first grade notebook in which she writes the date out, records the weather and learns about the number of day of school (writes, spells it, figures out the amount in coins, etc).

Our home school year didn’t start out as organized or have a fun kick off like I would have preferred. Daddy ended up having to have a pre-op appt on the first day and then surgery on the second (more on this crazy situation in a future post). So I tried my best to make due. I really didn’t want to push school back another week. So we survived!


Day 1

We started out by reading our theme book. We talked about how it is based on a true story and we calculated how many years so it happened.

Next we read a story about Paris, a book about France and a story about Amelia Earhart. I highly recommend the Amelia Earhart story.


Later we went shopping and bought Baguettes, French bread and the ingredients for French Onion Soup. The girls loved the breads but weren’t the biggest fans of the soup. I had never actually had French soup, but I liked our homemade version.





Day 2
Today we talked about italics and how they’re used for names of ships and planes. We looked for the examples in our theme book.

We read a book about the Wright brothers and a story about an inventor. We also talked about how inventors have to try and try and try again. How there’s many failures before an inventor succeeds.


Day 3
Today we reviewed what onomatopoeia is and we read:

We made a list of our own onomatopoeia, described the sounds around the house with onomatopoeia words, read The Glorious Flight again and then listed the onomatopoeia words from it.

We read a book about France and a story about France. We practiced some of the French words in the first book.


We worked on the mini books for the French flag and the map of France. We marked France and England on our classroom map. We also found the English Channel. Next, we read another book about Amelia Earhart (another one I’d recommend):

We traced out all the places Amelia lived and the paths of her flights on a map.

Day 4
Today we read two more books about early pilots.


We worked on some other mini-books: flight timeline, across the English Channel map, flag page and the cover for our big book.

Next we read a couple more books about France:


Day 5
Today we learned about Roman numerals since Louis Bleriot named his planes with them. We talked about the difference between cardinal, ordinal and roman numbers. We read:


then we did a worksheet on Roman numerals.

Next, we read a few more books about planes and early pilots:

Then we did a mini book of labeling an airplane.

Later we bought croissants and more French bread at Walmart. They were all eaten within the day!


Day 6
Today we went to a friend’s house who treated us to a day of French fun. Sara gave the girls their own little chef kits:



Then they got busy making French Macaroons.









Miss Sara showed us her pictures from her family’s trip to France. We saw pictures and she told us all about the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, seine river, creperies, and more. She also bought the girls the book, Anatolle, and entertained us with reading it in French accents (hers are way better than mine!). After we got home we looked through the pictures in another book about France (too complex to read).


Day 7
Today we read another book about Roman numerals. H practiced writing more Roman numerals and filled out a Roman numeral clock. We also read another book about Amelia Earhart.


Next we talked about inventions again. We read a silly book about an inventor and then we read a really great book about Benjamin Franklin. I never knew how many things he invented. It is true that homeschooling teaches us parents just as much, if not more, than our kids!


Day 8
Today we read a book about airplanes and make an airplane vocab mini book. Next we read a couple books about a birds eye view/view from an airplane.

Next we practiced drawing a duplo block straight on and then from
above (bird’s eye view). The ones on the left are H’s and the ones on the right are mine.


Then H wanted to draw the Amazon rain forest from a plane’s view. She didn’t get the idea at first. But I was impressed with her animal drawings. See the plane at the top?


Once I explained it again, she got the idea and drew it again.


Then we finished up by reading a couple more books about inventors. I highly recommend both books. I learned a lot about Charles Goodyear.


Day 9
Today H made paper airplanes with Daddy while I ran errands.


When I got back we read the Glorious Flight again. We talked about what happened after Papa Bleriot crashed his car into the vegetable cart. We talked about how he made amends and tried to make everyone feel better. Then we read two books about people who made amends after they made mistakes. I highly recommend both of them.


I also tried to introduce H to the concept of Greek Mythology. I read the intro and the creation story in the “Greek Myths” book. Then we read “Wings” about one is the Greek gods who could fly (Icarus). I’m not well versed at all in Greek mythology. I found the story interesting. Although the book was a bit long. H lost interest before it was over. Ironically enough, the next week while watching Netflix (Warehouse 13) w the hubbs, there was an episode with Icarus and his father. If I hadn’t read the book during school I wouldn’t have realized it’s connection to Greek Mythology.


Since Louis Bleriot landed in England, we made some cocoa chocolate chip scones. I bought the mix at World Market. The kids loved them. They were a bit dry to me but not too bad.


Day 10-11
On Saturday we took a trip to our local airport.

They let us wander around and look at the planes. We also got to see some planes take off and land.






We probably would have stayed longer but it was just so hot! So we headed to the mall to try out their French crepe kiosk. It was really neat watching them make the crepes. It really is an art! We enjoyed a chocolate one and a cinnamon & sugar one.


We also browsed in a French pastry shop near by. They had so many different flavored macaroon, beautiful petit fours, and all kinds of croissants. We may have been tempted to buy some but we were too stuffed from our crepes!

Between later that afternoon and the next day we….

Talked about titles and came up with our own titles for The Glorious Flight. H also completed her setting and vocab notebook.



We went through The Glorious Flight and found all the things that we’re different than modern day and filled in a worksheet about the differences.
We looked through two different books about England (both too complex for our needs).


We read “Hazel Nutt Alien Hunter” (about making amends) and some of the book about inventions. The invention book was neat but H lost interest because it was so long.


Day 12
Today we tied up the final loose ends of our study. H made a minibook about Louis Bleriot. We read a couple books about flying and one about Ben Franklin’s inventions.


Then we put together our review book (instead of a lap book).








(Check out my Pinterest FIAR board for the resources/blogs where I found most of my ideas.)