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Pinterest Cousin Portraits July 24, 2013

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My cousin saw this picture on Pinterest and knew it was something we should do for my husband’s grandparents.

Here’s the link to the actual photographer’s page: http://carolinaphotosmith.com/blog/2012/09/best-beach-photography/

See, at the time we planned this, there were 11 great grand kids (there are now 3 more additions!). And it hard to get them altogether since three live out of state. So, last December, when the out of staters were going to be in town, we secretly planned a photography session. It took a bit of planning for each family to choose a color for their kiddos and to correctly number each kid in order of birth. But the results were so worth it! It was also a lot of work to get them to stay in order and all face the camera (as you can imagine with 11 kids 5 & under!).




They were so surprised and they love the photos. We took many more than those above. And we also had our photographer (a high school student from our youth group) take individual shots of each kiddo.

Since all the great grands were together we also made a few more super cute gifts for the great grandparents.

The Pinterest version:


And ours:




And a fingerprint tie for Papa since he wears ties every Sunday and every time he teaches (multiple times a week).



Mama was so happy about her apron. I don’t know if she’s actually worn it but its been up for display!




I guess maybe we’ll try to update the cousin portraits in the next couple years. Should be interesting since I now have an 18 yr old and a 20 month old to add to the mix! Ironically it was only a couple days after we took those photos that we got the call about being able to adopt K, and only a week later that we brought her home! How’s that for timing!


Pinterest Inspired Gifts July 23, 2013

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Last summer/fall I was in the mood to make homemade gifts for the holidays. I was also in a sewing mood, so naturally that’s mainly what I did. I love all the pillows I see on Pinterest. These were some of my favorites and ones that I could actually attempt to mimic.



Here’s how mine turned out:



I’d recommend heavy duty stitching the leaves on. Mine hasn’t weathered use well. Which is sad since it was a gift.

I also made a couple of Christmas pillows. The first one, I failed in taking a pic before giving it away. It was a red felt poinsettia on a white and gold patterned Christmas print. The second, was slightly based on this one from Pinterest:


And here’s how mine turned out:


And finally, this one isn’t sewing (some of you sighed with relief I’m sure). K’s grandma saw this pic online and requested a set from my girls’ footprints.


I opted not to use canvas as I could see the disaster and multiple tries it would probably take with my kiddos, especially the 18 month old! So I used cardstock and put them in frames. And it did take at least two attempts for each kid.




FIAR Quilt! September 24, 2012

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While searching for some resources online for the upcoming book we’ll be rowing (A New Coat for Anna), I found the neatest idea–making a FIAR quilt!

I am seriously so excited right now.  Probably not the best thing since its 1 am!  Now I can’t wait to start looking for material for each of the four books we’ve rowed so far.  I won’t need much to only make a square for each book. How small of a piece of fabric can you buy? Well, I’m guessing I’d only need a quarter of a yard or less.  I can’t wait to be on the lookout for giraffe, owl, dog and plaid (for Scotland) fabrics! This is gonna be fun.

Now, I’ll just have to come up with a consistent and somewhat easy pattern to do for the quilt.  I can’t wait! Yes, I know I’m lame…and geeky, in a crafty-homeschool-mom kinda way.



Dresser Makeover September 13, 2012

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My dad bought Haddie this dresser before she was born.


It was a neutral color and I never got around to repainting it to match her room better. Well, after seeing a number of dresser makeovers on pinterest, I got inspired to finally redo it. Well, my inspiration was a couple months ago and I am finally now working on it. I started the project on Haddie’s 4th bday and decided it would be a good birthday gift.

I gave Haddie a choice of 3 different scrapbook paper designs at Hobby Lobby. I bought a stack of the paper and then chose a paint color that would match the paper and her room. I painted her dresser drawers first. I think I did 2 or 3 coats of paint. After the drawers dried for a day, I then mod podged the scrapbook paper to the drawer. I started to do put the glue both under and on top of the paper, but I didn’t like the look, so I settled for just brushing on the homemade mod podge (half glue half water) then carefully smoothing the paper on top. After it dried, I spray painted it with clear paint. I think I did 4 coats to seal it well. I was going to take off the handles and even bought new pretty ones, but they wouldn’t come off and I was afraid the wood was going to break. So I settled for keeping the handles. They did make it a bit more complicated in cutting the paper around the handles! But I managed.


It took a week or two until I finally got to the dresser itself. I did 2-3 coats of pink depending on the area.


After it dried for a few days I mod podged the scrapbook paper onto the doors. Thankfully I didn’t have to go around handles this time. After it dried I sprayed a good 4-5 coats of clear paint on it. I also sprayed the handles to hopefully keep any wearing of the paint down.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out! The picture and lighting really doesn’t do it justice.



Our first canvas paintings May 17, 2012

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Pinterest is always full of neat and supposedly “easy” paintings. After a friend made a couple with her kids for mothers’s day gifts, I was inspired to make some, too. Haddie and I made three paintings, one each for my mom, Seth’s mom and Mama (Haddie’s great grandma).

I bought the canvases at Walmart along with some letter stickers (usually in scrapbook area). Make sure you buy more packs of stickers than you think need because you run out of certain letters very quickly.

I secretly found out each of thee favorite bible verses and chose the ones that would fit the best. Then I laid out all the letters on the canvas. And yes, I had to move them around a number of times to make them fit the best.

Then I painted a light coat of paint over them to keep them stuck down. The paper letter stickers that I’d had had for a while didn’t stay well at all until covered with paint. And some of them weren’t the easiest to get off once they were coated in paint. So I’d recommend getting plastic/vinyl letter stickers if possible. If not, using the paper ones isn’t the end of the world.

Once the first layer of paint was dry I let Haddie paint them. I tried to restrain myself from “fixing” what she did or guiding her too much. On the blue painting I did tell her where to put the suns so that they filled in for the words “light.” And I painted the heart on the pink one. She also was dying to add glitter, so I let her.

Once all the paint is dry, it’s time to peel off the letters. I used a sharp knife and carefully pried each one up. Like i mentioned, the paper ones tended to stick more or the layers of the stickers to come apart. Just make sure you don’t poke through the canvas with the knife.

Here’s how ours turned out:




While my dining room table was a disaster, I decided to try out some painting of my own. I looked through my pins on pinterest and decided on a couple of verses and designs I wanted to replicate. Of course mine really didn’t turn out like the ones I saw, but I am really happy with them anyways.

One the blue one I used the letter stickers, sponged over them with the light blue paint, then painted the branch. Once that was dry I tried using the bottom of a coke 2-liter to make the flowers like I’d seen done on pinterest. But that was a bust. Either they redesigned the coke brand bottles or I needed a smaller bottle. So I carefully repaired the blue over the white dots (which were nothing like the petal shapes pinterest showed). Then I experimented on plain paper trying to design a flower that I liked. Then I went to work on the canvas.


For this brown painting, I sponged on the brown and then painted the letters free handed. I did a number of coats on the letters to make them dark enough.



HS Week 9: For The Birds March 1, 2012

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Again, I’m slowly catching up on posting the last 10-ish weeks of homeschool activities. So we did these activities back in December.

If you haven’t read before, my cousin and I are splitting the homeschooling with our 3 kids- 2, 3 & 4 yrs old. We each take the kids one day a week for 3 hours. That way we each get a break once a week.

She does the math, english, music stuff and I do science and languages (Spanish and sign language). In reality a lot of it overlaps and the activities we both do use art. These homeschooling posts are about my school days.

They made popsicle Christmas trees. I helped them hot glue the sticks together and made a hanger with ribbon on the back. Then they painting their trees green and glued different beads and pom poms onto them.

(the pics turned out a little blurry :/)




While I fixed lunch the kids watched the Signing Time DVD- The Zoo. I like using these DVDs because they really help them (and me) to learn sign language. And I try to find a DVD that goes with our current series. I chose the zoo one because it teaches a number of animal signs. There’s also a farm one, but we haven’t added that to our collection yet.

After lunch we focused more onto our lesson for the week: birds. We are focusing on one main animal group a week.

They looked at the small pictures of birds I’d printed out from google images. We named the different birds and then talked about some of the basic bird facts (beaks, what they eat, feathers, ones that don’t fly, lay eggs, etc). And we looked at some pictures in some library books.

Then we headed to the porch to make some Pinecone bird feeders. (I like to change up activities and settings quite a bit to keep their attention and interest.)

They covered the pinecones in peanut butter and then rolled them in bird seed. Later I tied a piece of yarn to hang them up outside.






We cleaned up the peanut butter and then headed inside to make another type of mess 🙂

They tried out snow painting. I saw this idea on pinterest (I think?). You mix glue and shaving cream and then paint it onto paper. I added some food coloring to ours too. The end result was supposed to be puffy paint even when dried. Ours just seem to deflate when completely dried. But they still had fun.




And soon the painting moved off the paper and onto the table. We’d previously done shaving cream drawing on the table, so I just let them go for it. Needless to say, they ended up quite messy…






After I got them cleaned up, we finished with tray time. For some reason I only ended up with 2 pictures, so I don’t remember what the other tray was.

For this tray, they were supposed to make shapes by putting toothpicks into marshmallows. I found this idea on pinterest. I thought they’d had a lot of fun with it, but it took them a while to figure it out and even then they weren’t too into it. They mainly just wanted to eat the marshmallows.


This second tray was stringing beads onto fishing line. They did alright with this, but they lost interest rather quickly, too.


We finished up by reading a couple library books about fictional stories about birds.


More Homemade Gifts February 28, 2012

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Yesterday I posted about the book letters and fabric flowers I made for Christmas gifts. I also made a number of other gifts for Christmas. Here they are:

Homemade Laundry Detergent Jars

I made a batch of powdered laundry detergent and made a jar of it for numerous people. I wanted to give a gift that was useful. I figured that they could try out the detergent to see if they liked it and then make a big load themselves later if they liked it. That way they could try out the detergent without committing to making a large bucket of it first. And it’s always a great gift of it helps you save $, right?

I tried it on a few loads for myself (to make sure it was safe and good). It was great and I had no problems with it. I used empty old jars from salsa, and spaghetti sauce. I spray painted the kids white and mod posted scrapbook paper to the lids:


Everyone I gave it to liked it. They commented on its fresh smell and at least a couple of them made their own loads.

Gingerbread House Frames

For some family members, Haddie made foam ginger bread house picture frame magnets. I found them online (and on sale!) at Oriental Trading. I showed Haddie how to do them then let her pretty much do the rest herself. She really enjoyed putting them together and I liked giving out gifts that she actually made.


After they dried I taped a picture of Haddie to the back of each.

Sugar scrubs

For some of the ladies in the family I made homemade sugar scrubs. I read a number of recipes online. Most of them were pretty similar. So I ended up following the basic idea and still doing my own thing. I used small canning jars and decorated some of them:


Here’s one of the best recipes I followed:

Happy Housewife

I only used the colored sugar crystals for a few of them (the ones above). However I didn’t use the vanilla. I used scented bath oils from Hobby Lobby. For some of them I used a mixture of regular sugar and brown sugar to make it a bit more gentle.

Knitted Letter

For my sister who’s really into knitting I came up with this themed letter. I wrapped purple yarn around a thick cardboard letter. I used hot glue every once in a while to keep the yarn in place. I glued a piece of yarn on the back for hanging then I made a small yarn ball glued it to the front. I also used two small pieces of wooden dowel rod and sharpened the ends with a pencil sharpener to make mini knitting needles. I spray painted them silver and glued them with the yarn ball on the front.

The pictures aren’t the best as they don’t do it justice. I was pretty happen with how it turned out.




Fabric Flowers and Big Letters

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So I’ve attempted to type up and publish this post twice already and the app keeps crashing and deleting it all. So frustrating!

Anyways, I started this post in December but couldn’t publish it until after I’d given out the Christmas and my sis’ Bday gift this month.

I really enjoyed getting my craft on and I’m already planning out a lot of gifts for this year, only I want to start the projects throughout the year so that I don’t have a mad rush at Christmas time again!

Book letters

I made these letters for family members that are big readers. I made my dad’s plain and the ones for my mom-in-law and my dad’s girlfriend had fabric flowers on them.

Here’s the blog where I got the idea (one of my fav blogs, btw!):

Book Letters

I bought the thick cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby (where else!?) and spray painted the fronts and edges either silver or gold. However after making 3, I would recommend painting them black instead. It helps hide imperfections and missed areas a lot better.

I used an old commentary of Seth’s that he was getting rid of for the paper rolls. I liked the effect of the Biblical words showing. It kind of made another point about the importance of Bible reading. Anyways.

Here’s the finished products:






Mod podge letters

For my sister I mod podged some musical scrapbook paper onto her letter Since she loves music so much. I hand painted the letter edges after the Mod podge so they’d match and blend better. I put a fabric flower on hers and hot glued a ribbon on the back for hanging.


Fabric flowers

So for a bit I really got into making fabric flowers. I got my inspiration from Pinterest of course! Here’s a few of the best and easiest tutorials I found:

T-shirt flowers

Fabric carnation

Fabric flower

I used the flowers for the letters and also for headbands. I can’t wait to buy some actual hair supplies items so I can use the flowers in more ways. I had fun experimenting with different color and texture fabrics.







I Spy Projects December 6, 2011

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After seeing numerous examples of I Spy games on pinterest, I decided to make one with Haddie. I used a plastic Tupperware type clear container that Publix’s cored pineapple comes in. I had plenty of glass jars, but I didn’t want to take a chance with it getting broken.

We went around the house looking for random small objects. We collected buttons, a penny, goldfish crackers, a few shells, two tiny plastic dogs, a couple tiny pairs of doll shoes, an “H” magnet (for none other than Haddie of course!), some teeny monkeys from a mini barrel of monkeys. I took a picture of each one, then put them into the container with rice. I put some rice in first, then a couple items, more rice, more items. You get the point. I wanted to make sure they didn’t get all stuck together. I also made sure to leave some empty space at the top so that it can all move around for the game. Then I superglued the lid shut. I envisioned a load of a rice mess otherwise!


I cropped each picture into about 1X1 inch mini pics then printed them out on photo paper. I cut them out, laminated them, punched a hole in each corner and tied them with a ribbon.


So Haddie can flip through the booklet and then try to find each item.

I also made smaller versions with Avery and Eden one afternoon. Here’s how I laid out their items for the picture:



Then they got to fill up their own jars. Unfortunately I didn’t have any clear plastic containers for them, so we used glass. But I didn’t glue theirs shut, so they could transfer it later.

These games are great for road trips or other calm activity times. Its even more special and fun if it’s kept away until these special times so they don’t get tired of it.


Pinecone Crafts November 7, 2011

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At a park recently, there were tons of pinecones laying everywhere. I’d seen a lot of cute craft and Christmas decorations on Pinterest, so I went to collecting a big bag worth.

Teli and I ended up spray painting a number of them silver, gold and brown. So far we’re planning on just putting them in a glass bowl or hurricane vase (we’re going to have to search some thrift or Ross stores for some). I also bought some burgundy styrofoam small balls that look like cranberries to put in with them.



I also bought some deep red ribbon and eventually we’re going to make some Pinecone balls for our doors. Stay tuned!