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Menu planner August 18, 2012

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A few weeks ago I found this lovely notepad in the dollar section at target:


It was just the thing I needed to get motivated to start planning out my meals again. I’ve been slacking for a while now. I got so excited I’ve planned out 4 weeks. I really like that it has a handy shopping list organized by food type. It makes planning so much easier.

I glued a magnet in the back and now it has a nice place on my fridge. I only plan out dinners. Lunches are usually sandwiches, salads or leftovers. Also, I don’t plan dinners for Sunday nights because we’re usually gone with church events. And we have study or dgroup on tues and wed nights and meals are provided or we eat out afterwards.

Here’s my meal plans for the next 4 weeks:

Week one:
1. Coconut almond chicken w asparagus and roasted carrots
2. Chicken bacon pasta w salad
3. Enchilada stuffed zucchini and best broccoli
4. Cheeseburger wraps w roasted veggies

Week two:
1. Taquitos w mexican dip
2. Beef and zucchini skillet with salad
3. Sweet and spicy chicken w rice
4. Chicken Parmesan w spaghetti and salad

Week three:
1. Texas skillet
2. Lasagna w salad
3. Chicken baked burritos w refried bean dip

Week four:
1. Lemon tilapia w best broccoli
2. Tacos w Mexican dip
3. Chicken and asparagus penne


DIY Laundry Supplies January 4, 2012

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I have found some really awesome DIY household cleaning recipes on pinterest. Seriously, if you don’t have an account why not?? I feel like I’m always raving about the gems I find on there. Ok, rant over.

I’ve been making this fabric softener and it’s great.

Homemade Fabric Softener

I’m on at least my third batch. I have made a half batch everytime and it fits perfectly into my empty fabric softener bottle.

I never smell the vinegar afterwards and the clothes are as soft as any store bought brand. The only thing I sometimes miss is the strong fresh scent from the store bought softener. I’m still experimenting with adding fragrance oils (small bottle used for soaps and such, not the bigger bottles sold for oil warmers). I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. I think I still need to add more and/or use more fragranced conditioner. I’m going to use Herbal Essence next. I love it’s smell, but I don’t like how it makes my hair look. So perfect solution, huh?

This homemade formula should be cheaper than store bought softeners, especially if you buy cheaper conditioner (suave, store brand, or find a sweet deal at CVS).

I saw a helpful hint on pinterest for homemade dryer sheets (can’t find the link again). Just soak a hand towel with fabric softener and let it completely dry. Then throw it in the dryer with your next load. It’s supposed to be good for at least 10 loads.

I made a big batch of this homemade laundry detergent . I gave out jars of it for part of some Christmas gifts for my friends to try out and ended up quite a bit left over, too! It’s great, cheap, and pretty easy to make.

For the gifts I used empty food jars (mainly salsa and spaghetti sauce), mod podged some cute scrapbook paper on the outside and lids and attached a small scoop. The scoops came in packs of two at the dollar store.

Here’s the lids from the jars:



I planned on adding cute tags with directions and the recipe, but my printer and computer wouldnt cooperate and I was on a time crunch. So, I just emailed them to them after the fact. Anyways, as far as I can tell, they were a hit. And I’m going to keep making this detergent for myself, too!


Pumpkin Pie Spice October 22, 2011

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In case you haven’t noticed, pumpkin pie spice is kinda expensive, especially for the tiny container it seems to always be sold in. Recently I ran out halfway through a recipe and had to fumble to make up the rest. I looked at the ingredients (allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger), and made a small quick mix of the ones that I had (all except allspice). The recipe came out fine. You couldn’t even tell the difference.

So when I went to buy more pumpkin pie spice, and I again saw the price, I knew I couldn’t bear to pay so much. Especially since it was twice the price of a larger container of allspice. I could have gotten 4x as much allspice as pumpkin pie spice at that price.

Needless to say, I bought the allspice and determined to make my own mix.

It didn’t occur to me until tonight to search online about pumpkin pie spice. I found this quick and great mix recipe:

Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix

So I made it. And of course I ran out of nutmeg. Ironic, I know. Anyways, I used the mix (with only 1/3 if the nutmeg) to make the pumpkin pie croissants and they were still really yummy!

This mix is really going to come in handy with all the upcoming fall and holiday recipes!


Good Buys October 21, 2011

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I finally stopped at Hobby Lobby again today. I don’t know how I went so long between visits! I used to be in there almost every week for jewelry supplies, but since I’ve been in a jewelry making lull, I haven’t been there nearly as much.

But anywho… I really shouldn’t be allowed to shop in there alone! I spend too much time and find too much stuff!

Here’s a few of the goodies I found for homeschooling:

These are bins with chalkboards on two sides ($2.99 each). And no, I didn’t buy all of these! I showed some restraint…I only got 3.


These are cute patterns shoe laces ($.71 each pair) that I’m planning on using with lacing cards and the like.


I also bought washable paint, magnetic tape, some cardboard and wood “H”s to do some crafts w her name, some sewing sale stuff (disappearing ink marking pen, leaf stencil, and a special sewing foot piece thing for hemming jeans that keeps the needle from bending or messing up. Let’s just say I have plenty to keep me busy!

And I found some purty new beads and grabbed some feathers to make some stylish earrings…



Saving Some Bacon October 4, 2011

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Of course, I’m not talking about actual bacon. But today, I saved a lot of the other kind. Here’s some of the deals I scored at Publix and Walgreens (CVS is still coming in the next couple days).

Here’s my Publix deals: (if you’re interested in these you better hurry, the sale ends tomorrow [Wed])

Softsoap- on sale for $1 each. Combined with my $.35 coupons, they ended up being $.65 each.

I bought all of this pasta and sauce for a total of $3!
Ragu is BOGO. Combined with a coupon for buy 2 Ragu get 1 box of pasta free–ended up getting all 3 items for $2.49!

The Barilla pasta is BOGO.
Combined with 2 $1 off coupons, I scored two boxes of whole grain pasta for $.45!

I also got two frozen Sara Lee Cheesecakes. One for $2 and another for $3! They are 50% off and I had 2
$1 off coupons. Pretty awesome, huh?

I found another deal once I got home and looked at a few other coupons. So I’m running back tomorrow. I’ll end up getting 2 bags of Banquet frozen chicken nuggets for $1 each!

Here’s my Walgreens deals:

I found a jackpot of clearance toys. Most a $1 or less and a couple for $1.75. I have 2 tubs of kids toys and games for presents now! So, I’m set for Christmas and a lot of Birthdays!

Clearance toys








Lysol cleaners- BOGO.
Kleenex new cool tissues- ended up being $.45 each after Extrabucks and coupons.

M&Ms–ended up being $1 a bag (these are the big bags) after in store coupon and newspaper coupons.

I was also quite excited to see all the fall food items out at ALDI. They have Pumpkin Spice creamer, ice cream, cookies, boxed bread mix, pop tarts. Along with Apple Cider mixes. Mmmm…I love fall! And I’m loving this cooler weather! I can’t wait til it actually stays during the day. I know there’s some chili and hot chocolate in my cooking future!


CVS Goodies September 29, 2011

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Here’s what goodies I got this week:

2 bottles of FREE Softsoap body wash

2 sticks of Speedstick deodorant- both for $.88!

Candles BOGO- ends up as $5 each


Stocking Up At CVS September 22, 2011

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I got some pretty great deals on baby products from CVS this week, which are going to come in handy since four friends/family members are preggo.

Here’s all I bought:


And I spent $33.05 and saved $53.57.

Here’s the breakdown:

Diapers were 2/$18. Plus they are offering a deal of spend $25 on baby products get $10 back in extra bucks.

So I bought 3 packs of diapers for $27. Used 3 coupons totaling $6. And got $10 back. So, I ended up getting 3 packs of diapers for $11!

They are also having a deal on Johnson & Johnson baby bath products $3 each.

I had a coupon from their coupon kiosk (make sure you always head straight there when you first get in the store, you never know what you might get free!), for $3 extrabucks back on any $10 baby products (excluding diapers). And I had 2 Johnson & Johnson coupons totaling $1.

So, I got 3 bottles of J&J bath stuff and 1 tube of diaper cream for $8. Not too bad.

The Powerades were $1 each. These have really come in handy for the days when I’m working outside. A friend suggested I drink these to prevent getting dehydrated and headaches. I think it’s been working!

The frozen pizzas were BOGO (at $7.49 each…ridiculous if you were buying one at regular price!). And I had 2 $1 off coupons. So I got 2 pizzas for $5.49! Great deal!

I also bought 2 bottles of aloe gel since my back was killing me from my sunburn. They weren’t on sale, but I got 25% off of them thanks to the email coupon.

As far as other coupons: I used a 25% off coupon (only for nonsale items) from my email, $10 in Extrabucks from last week’s purchases, and another $5 in extrabucks from the beauty club (you get $5 for every $50 you spend on beauty items, precoupon prices!).

And I got another $10 back in Extrabucks for next week from the diapers, and $1 Extrabucks from my reusable bag tag.

Pretty sweet deals if you ask me!