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Papa Piccolo (FIAR 1) October 7, 2014

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We had a great time rowing this book.  Now that we’ve finished it, H has declared that it is her all time favorite book!  I think she enjoyed all the pasta, Italian snacks and learning about cats!


Ironically, you can see our new kitten looks a bit like Papa Piccolo.  After studying the book, H voted to expand Oreo’s name to include Piccolo as the middle name.

Here’s some of the things we did during our FIAR study:

A couple of days before we officially started our study, we happened to stop at a Pizzeria for lunch.  H was excited to find out that pizza and cannoli’s are Italian (although she wasn’t a big fan of the cannoli because of the cream filling).


Day One

Today we started out by reading the theme book.  Next, we read a couple of books about Italy:


Then we did Italian map and flag mini-books from the homeschool share website.

Next, we read a book about Cats and completed most of this worksheet set I found online (see my Pinterest board for links):


H enjoyed the cat packet and I let her trace the cursive writing however she wanted since we haven’t started learning cursive.  I want her to work more on her regular printing before we delve into cursive.

Then we enjoyed an Italian wafer cookie snack H had picked out from World Market (we went a week or two before we started this study).


Later we made Chicken Parmesan for dinner and I was pleasantly surprised at how well H ate it!  She tends to be pretty these days when it comes to dinner foods.


Day Two

Today we read a couple more cat books and looked through a print out of different types of cat breeds.  H was surprised at how many different types of cats there are (and I was surprised, too!).



Next, we read a story about Venice, Italy:


Then we tried Italian soda (also from World Market).  I wasn’t a fan of the flavor and H wasn’t a fan of the fizz.  She liked it after it had been sitting out for a bit.  But Daddy liked it a lot and finished most of it off for us.


Next, we talked about adoption and how Papa adopts the kittens.  H is pretty familiar with adoption since both of her siblings were adopted within the last year.  We reviewed the process we had to go through to adopt K and we talked about all the kids that are still waiting to be adopted. I even pulled up some of the heart gallery pictures to show H the faces of some of the kids waiting for homes.  Then we read a story about adoption:


Day Three

Today H did a Papa Piccolo word search (see my pinterest board for link), and an Italy worksheet.  We read a few more books about adoption and cats:


We talked about the different cat breeds in the Castaway Cats book.  H is now a big fan of Siamese cats.  We also read another book about Venice:


Then we made an Italian love cake.  I had never heard of this recipe, but it was pretty easy, and it was neat how the layers switched places while baking (see my pinterest board for the recipe).  I thought it was interesting, but H wasn’t a fan of the ricotta layer.  I think she was expecting it to be thicker like cheesecake.  Daddy liked it though and he helped eat the rest of it!


Day Four

K ended up sick yesterday afternoon and today, so we didn’t do as much school.  We read a couple books about cats (I’m always a big fan of anything by Gail Gibbons!) and Venice:



Day Five

Today we started out by talking about what a fable is, then reading (the Fox and the Grapes):


We talked about what the metaphor “sour grapes” is and then we read Papa Piccolo again and looked for the explain of the metaphor.  H actually got the idea fairly quickly.  We also talked about the lullaby that Papa sings to the kittens, and then we made up our own versions for dogs, butterflies, H, Daddy and Mommy.

Next, we talked about what a father is, who’s the perfect father (God!), how some families are different and don’t have one or both parents.  We talked about what Piccolo taught the kittens as their adopted father and what Daddy has taught H.  Then we read a few books about fathers (the above one included):


The “A Father Like That” book was especially neat.

We found Italy on our school map and marked it with a see-through colored sticker.  H did her setting and vocab notebook (we do a page for each FIAR book we study).


We tried some Pizelle Italian Waffle cookies and made real Italian pasta with garlic bread for lunch.


Day Six

Today we talked about the different types of jobs that they had in Venice on the water.  We talked about what kinds of jobs that we have near us that takes place on the water.  Then we read a couple books that talked about jobs on water and also living in different types of houses/neighborhoods (including Venice).


Then we read a story about Marco Polo and another book about Venice.


We watched an episode of “Travel with Kids” on Youtube about Venice.  H liked it so much, that we found their series on Amazon Prime and she went on to watch episodes about Florida (even though we live here!), and Paris.  The shows are really neat.  They’re about a couple who took their two young boys and traveled to 35 countries in one year.  The shows are educational and entertaining.

Next, we did some art based on Papa Piccolo.  We looked at how the artist drew the cat’s eyes.  We looked at how the cat’s eyes have light in them, which makes them look more alive.  Then we practiced drawing cat’s eyes with light in them.  Since this lesson H has noticed how in real life, people’s eyes also have light reflected in them.


Then we practiced drawing things in motion like the kittens were running in the book.  We tied a stuffed animal to a string and took turns swinging it around.  Then we tried to draw it like it looked.  Here’s how it looked while H was swinging the stuffed animal and how she drew the stuffed animal in motion (when I saw swinging it).


Day Seven

Today we read a few books about eyes and sight. We did some of the activities mentioned in the books, focusing most on peripheral vision since Papa Piccolo saw the kittens “out of the corner of his eye.”


Next we looked through a little of this book about inventors.  We mainly focused on inventors from Italy, like Da Vinci.


Then we looked at some of the famous paintings by Italian artists in this book.  I like how big the pictures are.


I was disappointed that there weren’t pictures of the Sistine Chapel in the book.  So we looked up some pictures online.  Then the girls pretended to paint like Michelangelo by painting under the table (pretending its a ceiling).  H wasn’t a fan because she couldn’t make her lines straight enough (what a perfectionist!).  K had a  good time though!


H wanted to paint more after this but on the table like normal instead.  I was pretty  impressed with her painting of Venice, complete with Papa Piccolo on a pole by the water.


Then we read another book about Italy. H practiced drawing some of the sights of Italy from this other book while we were driving to a science class by the beach.


Day Eight

Today H did some writing practice with Papa Piccolo words (from a printed packet from online).  We read a book about Venice called “Gabriella’s Song” (apparently I forgot to take a picture).  Then we looked briefly through this book about flags:


We found Italy’s flag and Venice’s city flag.  Venice’s flag is definitely unique!  We made gnocchi (from a package) and garlic bread for dinner.


Day Nine

Today we read Papa Piccolo again and did some math activities/discussions based on the book (pairs, windows, etc).  H colored another Italian flag, did a mini book about Italy’s vs. USA population and the time here vs. time in Rome, Italy.   We read this book about Italy and practiced our numbers in Italian:


We talked about homelessness, how the kittens were homeless, how there really are homeless people.  We discussed home some people become homeless and how to help homeless people.  We also talked about how some animals are homeless.  Then we read a few books about homeless people.  They were all really neat.


We also did some activities with the color wheel.  We used the page from the back of the FIAR manual and talked about primary, secondary and complementary colors.  We learned how if you mix complementary colors they are supposed to make gray.  Then H used each color to make a picture, putting the complementary colors next to each other and using their mixture of gray to make rocks.

IMG_1806 IMG_1807

Finally, we finished up by enjoying some pizza and mini cannolli’s today while we were out running errands.


Our next FIAR book is The Clown of God.  So, we’ll be continuing our study of Italy, but this time during the Renaissance period.

Here’s my Pinterest board that has links to the print outs I used and where I got a lot of my ideas.


The Glorious Flight (FIAR 1) August 29, 2014

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I’m so behind in posting our book studies. So here’s to fresh beginnings with a new school year. Hopefully I can keep more on top of it this time and slowly catch up on last year’s studies.

Since I haven’t posted in a while, I should probably explain our homeschooling curriculum. We use Five In a Row (FIAR). Usually it’s designed to study a book for 5 days in a row (hence the name). However, I like to spread it to two weeks and go more in depth for a lot of the subjects. I also blend the subjects together a lot more instead of focusing solely on one a day. I find it’s easier to break off bite size pieces and the repetition of talking about the topics for multiple days during two weeks helps H learn a lot more.

In addition to the FIAR material, we also use Hooked on Phonics for reading and Life of Fred for math. H is also doing a daily first grade notebook in which she writes the date out, records the weather and learns about the number of day of school (writes, spells it, figures out the amount in coins, etc).

Our home school year didn’t start out as organized or have a fun kick off like I would have preferred. Daddy ended up having to have a pre-op appt on the first day and then surgery on the second (more on this crazy situation in a future post). So I tried my best to make due. I really didn’t want to push school back another week. So we survived!


Day 1

We started out by reading our theme book. We talked about how it is based on a true story and we calculated how many years so it happened.

Next we read a story about Paris, a book about France and a story about Amelia Earhart. I highly recommend the Amelia Earhart story.


Later we went shopping and bought Baguettes, French bread and the ingredients for French Onion Soup. The girls loved the breads but weren’t the biggest fans of the soup. I had never actually had French soup, but I liked our homemade version.





Day 2
Today we talked about italics and how they’re used for names of ships and planes. We looked for the examples in our theme book.

We read a book about the Wright brothers and a story about an inventor. We also talked about how inventors have to try and try and try again. How there’s many failures before an inventor succeeds.


Day 3
Today we reviewed what onomatopoeia is and we read:

We made a list of our own onomatopoeia, described the sounds around the house with onomatopoeia words, read The Glorious Flight again and then listed the onomatopoeia words from it.

We read a book about France and a story about France. We practiced some of the French words in the first book.


We worked on the mini books for the French flag and the map of France. We marked France and England on our classroom map. We also found the English Channel. Next, we read another book about Amelia Earhart (another one I’d recommend):

We traced out all the places Amelia lived and the paths of her flights on a map.

Day 4
Today we read two more books about early pilots.


We worked on some other mini-books: flight timeline, across the English Channel map, flag page and the cover for our big book.

Next we read a couple more books about France:


Day 5
Today we learned about Roman numerals since Louis Bleriot named his planes with them. We talked about the difference between cardinal, ordinal and roman numbers. We read:


then we did a worksheet on Roman numerals.

Next, we read a few more books about planes and early pilots:

Then we did a mini book of labeling an airplane.

Later we bought croissants and more French bread at Walmart. They were all eaten within the day!


Day 6
Today we went to a friend’s house who treated us to a day of French fun. Sara gave the girls their own little chef kits:



Then they got busy making French Macaroons.









Miss Sara showed us her pictures from her family’s trip to France. We saw pictures and she told us all about the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, seine river, creperies, and more. She also bought the girls the book, Anatolle, and entertained us with reading it in French accents (hers are way better than mine!). After we got home we looked through the pictures in another book about France (too complex to read).


Day 7
Today we read another book about Roman numerals. H practiced writing more Roman numerals and filled out a Roman numeral clock. We also read another book about Amelia Earhart.


Next we talked about inventions again. We read a silly book about an inventor and then we read a really great book about Benjamin Franklin. I never knew how many things he invented. It is true that homeschooling teaches us parents just as much, if not more, than our kids!


Day 8
Today we read a book about airplanes and make an airplane vocab mini book. Next we read a couple books about a birds eye view/view from an airplane.

Next we practiced drawing a duplo block straight on and then from
above (bird’s eye view). The ones on the left are H’s and the ones on the right are mine.


Then H wanted to draw the Amazon rain forest from a plane’s view. She didn’t get the idea at first. But I was impressed with her animal drawings. See the plane at the top?


Once I explained it again, she got the idea and drew it again.


Then we finished up by reading a couple more books about inventors. I highly recommend both books. I learned a lot about Charles Goodyear.


Day 9
Today H made paper airplanes with Daddy while I ran errands.


When I got back we read the Glorious Flight again. We talked about what happened after Papa Bleriot crashed his car into the vegetable cart. We talked about how he made amends and tried to make everyone feel better. Then we read two books about people who made amends after they made mistakes. I highly recommend both of them.


I also tried to introduce H to the concept of Greek Mythology. I read the intro and the creation story in the “Greek Myths” book. Then we read “Wings” about one is the Greek gods who could fly (Icarus). I’m not well versed at all in Greek mythology. I found the story interesting. Although the book was a bit long. H lost interest before it was over. Ironically enough, the next week while watching Netflix (Warehouse 13) w the hubbs, there was an episode with Icarus and his father. If I hadn’t read the book during school I wouldn’t have realized it’s connection to Greek Mythology.


Since Louis Bleriot landed in England, we made some cocoa chocolate chip scones. I bought the mix at World Market. The kids loved them. They were a bit dry to me but not too bad.


Day 10-11
On Saturday we took a trip to our local airport.

They let us wander around and look at the planes. We also got to see some planes take off and land.






We probably would have stayed longer but it was just so hot! So we headed to the mall to try out their French crepe kiosk. It was really neat watching them make the crepes. It really is an art! We enjoyed a chocolate one and a cinnamon & sugar one.


We also browsed in a French pastry shop near by. They had so many different flavored macaroon, beautiful petit fours, and all kinds of croissants. We may have been tempted to buy some but we were too stuffed from our crepes!

Between later that afternoon and the next day we….

Talked about titles and came up with our own titles for The Glorious Flight. H also completed her setting and vocab notebook.



We went through The Glorious Flight and found all the things that we’re different than modern day and filled in a worksheet about the differences.
We looked through two different books about England (both too complex for our needs).


We read “Hazel Nutt Alien Hunter” (about making amends) and some of the book about inventions. The invention book was neat but H lost interest because it was so long.


Day 12
Today we tied up the final loose ends of our study. H made a minibook about Louis Bleriot. We read a couple books about flying and one about Ben Franklin’s inventions.


Then we put together our review book (instead of a lap book).








(Check out my Pinterest FIAR board for the resources/blogs where I found most of my ideas.)


The Story About Ping (FIAR 1) February 19, 2014

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(We finished rowing this book about 2 weeks ago.  I’m slowly trying to catch up on my postings. Check out my Pinterest FIAR board for the resources/blogs where I found most of my ideas.)

We really enjoyed rowing this book. The story was cute. H had a lot of fun learning about China, K can now very clearly say “duck” and H still goes around the house singing “la-la-lei.”


Day 1
We started out by reading Ping. Then we read a few books about China. Both of which I highly recommend.

One of the books had a recipe for Chinese Moon Cookies, so of course we just HAD to make them. At least that’s what H said! They didn’t turn out quite as expected. They were too sticky (even after being in the fridge) to roll out, so I plopped blobs of them onto the cookie sheets. They ended up a bit flat, but they were yummy and were gone in no time!


We watched a couple YouTube videos about China. One was a step by step description of a formal Chinese tea ceremony. The other was about silk worms. The video showed how silk worms are raised, fed, and spin their cocoons. Then how the cocoons are later turned into silk thread. I would not want to be a silk farmer (is that what they’re called?). They have thousands of worms in their houses in this weird shelf bin thing. Then when the worms outgrow their shelves, they dump them on the ground in this room. There are literally thousands of worms crawling all over the ground. Ugh. And the farmer has to keep replenishing the leaves around the clock. That’s worse than a newborn baby! At least newborns are cute! And did you know that the silk worms are basically killed while they are in their cocoons? If the moths actually come out of their cocoons, the silk is then useless because it has been torn. Makes me feel a little bad for those worms. Oh, the things you can learn from YouTube!

We also finished our day by playing a card game called Duck Duck Bruce (since it has ducks in it). It’s a fun game made by Gamewright. Seriously any game by them is great! (We love Moose in the House, Hiss and Sleeping Queens.)

Day 2
Today while we read Ping H graphed Ping’s family:


We read a few more books about China and the Yangtze River where the story of Ping takes place.

We found China on our big map. H drew the Yangtze River on a map of China and colored China’s flag.


The I let her have some free time with paints (at her request). She painted/drew some neat pictures of China completed with cherry blossoms and Ping. I was rather impressed with her Ping picture.



She also watched Mulan 2 since it’s set in China. Nice excuse, huh?

Day 3
Today we read some more books about China and the Yangtze River.

H colored a map of our country and China. And then we made Chinese lanterns.



H made a lot of lanterns and hung them all over the house for Chinese decorations and Valentine’s Day (she made them all pink and red).

This is the book where we found our lantern craft and the other Chinese crafts we did. I highly recommend it!


Then we read a few fun stories about ducks.


Day 4
Today H started out doing a few duck themed worksheets.


Then we read some more China books. H really liked the Mei Ling book and keeps using the name Mei Ling when she’s playing.



H worked on a few parts of the China lap book (that we turned into a regular book instead).

Day 5
H did a few more Ping focused worksheets.


We talked about fiction vs nonfiction books and we came up with some examples of each.

I told H that Ping is considered a classic story and we discussed what that meant. She found it neat that the book was written before her great grandma (Mama) was born and that Mama, Nana, Me and H could have all read Ping while we were each growing up! (Although I never had heard of it before our study.)

We also briefly discussed repetition and found some examples in the story. We talked about why the author would want to use it. And I told her about how the Bible has some good examples is repetition.

We also talked about discernment. We discussed how not everything that looks good is actually good (the rice cake trap for Ping). And we talked about punishments and consequences. Ironically a couple days before we started this book, H admitted to me that she thought she might have lied while in the kid’s program at church. She was very upset about it even though it wasn’t really a big deal (I didn’t tell her that part). It made me happy that she was truly so concerned about doing what is right. After she talked to me about it, she asked if we could learn about not lying and doing the right thing in school. That request surprised me and it just so happened that this book had a similar message about not avoiding punishment and consequences. H thought it was neat. And the lesson really hit home!

We also got some more art fun in. We practiced drawing reflections in water and movement in water with colored pencils (like the artist in Ping did).




Then we made a Chinese Spinning drum (pictured on the cover of the Chinese art book posted about in day 3). I forgot I take a picture though!

We also read some more fun duck books.



Day 6

Today we read a few more fun duck books:


We made a passport book for H to use for all the future FIAR books we study.  I also created country stamps for the countries we learned about with our last book (How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World).  I found the passport template on Pinterest.


Then it was time for some fun water and buoyancy experiments (H’s favorite type of school activity).  We read and tried the experiments we found in this book:


I had H collect some household objects and toys.  We filled the bathtub with water and then I had H predict whether each object would float or sink.










As she predicted each item, she threw it in and we recorded the results.


Then we got some heavier metal objects.  First she put them into the tub and they clearly sunk.  Then we created a boat out of foil.  She still thought that they’d sink, so she was surprised when they floated.


Then the girls had to get into the tub of course and play with all the random toys.  Isn’t science fun?

H also did a Ping copywork page.  She really needs to work on her handwriting. I try to get her to take her time and focus.  She can write neat, but she’s always rushing. I try to keep in mind that she’s only 5.  I debate with myself whether or not to force the neatness.  For now I’m convinced to just give her time to mature and as she gets older I’ll crack down more.











Day 7

Today we counted Ping’s family again while reading the story, and this time H recorded them with tally marks.


Next, we did some more science experiments.  We read the book Ducks Don’t Get Wet.  I forgot to take a picture of this one, but I highly recommend it. Then we experimented with oils since ducks’ feathers are covered with oil, which helps them float. We put olive oil on one bag and nothing on the other.  Then H dropped water onto the bags.  The water didn’t absorb into the oiled bag, but it of course saturated the plain bag.


Next we skimmed through this book:


Then we did an experiment with different kinds of liquids.  We used some of the items listed in the book above, but we also added a few I read about on Pinterest with a similar experiment.  We put in food colored water, dish soap, honey, vegetable oil and corn syrup.  Our top layer is so foamy because I poured the water and then the soap in first.  Didn’t think about the foamy results.  Duh.  I’d recommend not adding the two together.  I think it’d work better with adding some of the other oils in between.  The oils separated better after sitting for a few hours.  H thought all the layers were really neat.


Next, H did a few duck worksheets from homeschool share (I think?):



Next, we put together H’s China book. H drew Ping on the cover with fireworks since the Chinese invented fireworks. All the lapbook pieces were from homeschoolshare.com





This is a picture of a rice farmer and a horse drawn carriage:


We also watched some neat videos on Youtube. The first couple were about farmers from China who create heart and square shaped watermelon.  Then we watched some videos about 10 unique fruits from China, 10 nonchinese Chinese foods, and 10 things you can only buy in China.

Then we had a Chinese dinner.  H put on her Mulan dress and we put her hair up in a bun complete with chopsticks.  We ate cashew chicken, stick rice, egg rolls and attempted to use chopsticks (fail!). We had a little picnic on the kitchen floor since Chinese eat at low tables (we didn’t have one to use).  We also listened to classic chinese music from a pandora station.






And after dinner we made some Chinese fans (from the Chinese craft book mentioned earlier). They ended up quite huge!




Day 8

We read some more fun duck and egg books:



These egg/duck books were really neat.  H loved them both.  K loved the duck pictures in the Duck book.



We used the Duck book to fill out a worksheet (from homeschool share) about what ducks can do at various ages (forgot to take a pic of it). Then H did her setting notebook and chose Yangtze as her vocab word.  I tried to encourage some other words, but this is what she really wanted.  And she drew Ping on the Yangtze river.


Day 9

We read another silly book about eggs today:



Today was actually the Chinese New Year, we read a few more Chinese books:





And then H made her own dragon (from the Chinese art book):



Next, we learned about reflections.  We found all the reflections in the water in The Story About Ping.  Then we read:





The I See Myself book had some neat exercises that we did with a small mirror and a flashlight.  I also showed H how words are reflected backwards in mirrors and then I wrote her name backwards and she looked at in the mirror.  She thought that was pretty cool!

Later H drew her own dragon:



Ping was a lot of fun to row.  H loved learning about China and continues to tell our extended family what items China invented and loved showing her China book off.  And now she wants to make a country book for each of our other rows!




Lentil (FIAR 1) February 17, 2014

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(Check out my Pinterest FIAR board for the resources/blogs where I found most of my ideas.)

(We finished our study last week.)


Day 1
Today we started by reading the theme book (of course!). Thankfully I had gotten online and ordered the library books early enough that a lot of them came in right away. Although I wasn’t so early in my actual lesson planning (ahem, I finished late the night before.)

Next we read these books about fractions. The pie book was cute and simple to understand.
Then we played with the felt fractions I had made a while back. We pretended that they were different kinds of pies and I had her answer how much of each pie I pretended to eat, etc.

Afterwards I pulled out this game that I found a few months ago on clearance at Walmart. She had never seen it so it was a fun surprise for her.
We played a round of the game (she won!) then she wanted to play restaurant and take our orders. So Daddy and I made up orders and she had to fill them (1/16th piece of cheese, 1/2 supreme and 2/8 cheese, etc). She had a lot fun with this.

Day 2
Today we read Lentil again. Then we read a few more fraction books:


Then we read a couple music books: (both were really neat stories)
Then I surprised H with a real harmonica! It’s Daddy’s, but she gets to borrow it for a while. And boy, are we in for a lot of noise, I mean music! She was so excited!
We watched a few short YouTube videos on how to play harmonica and then a video of someone playing the song that Lentil plays.
Next she colored a harmonica page.
Later on we went to the San Francisco symphony’s kid website. It’s awesome! We watched a video on the basics of music theory. H drew these notes and how many beats they’re each worth while we watched. The note with the face is from the video. Lol.
Then we explored (and reviewed) the musical instrument families on the website. They show you each family and you can you click on the different instruments to hear a sample of music. H also used their composer game to make a short score of music.

H also did a sheet of math word problems based on the Lentil story.
And at dinner time she helped daddy cut our pizza and named the different fractions as he cut. Talk about real life learning! I love homeschool.

Day 3
Today we started with a tasting experiment. We used a worksheet from homeschool share to record the different tastes she tried. We had 4 different bowls full of salt water, sugar water, melted unsweetened (bitter!) chocolate and lemon juice. She tasted each one using a q-tip. The chocolate one threw her for a loop! It was definitely not the sweet chocolate she was expecting!

We used a mirror to look at her tongue so I could point out the taste buds. She also tried lemon heads since lemons are an important twist in the story. She wasn’t the biggest fan of them.

Next we read a few books about taste and an interesting story about cooking:

I highly recommend the “how taste works” book. Simple enough for H to understand but still quite detailed.

Then, like Lentil we decided to turn our lemons into lemonade. Only this time, real lemonade! We had fun squeezing and tasting the yummy fresh lemonade. I used an easy recipe I found online. And all the measuring was good math and fraction practice.

And after all the squeezing, I got H to lick a lemon. She didn’t quite make a full pucker, but she did make a funny face!

Then we read a neat book about music (I recommend this one, too): 20140206-013540.jpg

Then H sorted these instrument cards into their families. The cards I found on the free homeschool deals website. 20140206-013738.jpg20140206-013747.jpg

After all the other school was done H got to do a taste experiment her way. She gathered different bits of food and then made me close my eyes while she fed me each one. I had to guess each item. Yes. It requires a lot of trust (in a 5 yr old) and bravery (because of the obvious). Some items weren’t bad, others weren’t so pleasant (cold leftover roasted broccoli). Mainly because I didn’t know what to expect. She gets such a kick out of this experiment (we’ve done it more times than I can count). And this time she even got tricky and shoved multiple items into my mouth. Some of them that weren’t so complimentary. Think vanilla wafer, ranch crackers, cheese and almonds. Yep. That’s about when I ended my participation.

Day 4

H started out by doing a Lentil word problem worksheet.


Then we read a book about Ohio.
H traced the outline of Ohio and colored the state flag. 20140207-154329.jpg
We learned that Ohio is the only state that has a flag that isn’t a rectangle. H found it very interesting and repeated this fact to a number of people. She also thought it was funny that Ohioans are also called Buckeyes.

Next we talked about being disagreeable and grumpy. We talked about why old Sneep was so grumpy which led us to talk about jealousy. Then we read a few books about being grumpy. They were all really good. I especially liked the Grumpy Mr. Grady book. It was about homeschooling and had a great message.


We also talked about patriotism and why we should be proud of our country. Then we read a few books about America and our flag:


Day 5
This morning we were looking to see if the Olympics were on yet and since they weren’t, we ended up watching Daniel Tiger. And ironically it had some instruments in it. They played a timpani drum, violin, guitar and trumpet.
Then we watched the Haunted Museum episode of Magic school bus. They learn about sound waves and instruments.

Next we reviewed the definition of patriotism and read a couple good books about it. (I recommend both, especially the Impossible Patriotism Project.) 20140207-161106.jpg

Then we read a book about music 20140207-161350.jpg

H finished up by coloring a flag. We talked about what the Stars and Stripes symbolize.











Day 6
Today we read a few books about America, patriotism and our flag (the cake one was great!):

We talked again about veterans and patriotism and then headed to the Veteran’s Memorial Museum. I had told H last week about it and she has been begging to go ever since. I had never been there and was thoroughly impressed by all that they had. I especially liked that it was free! The woman that works there was very kind. She gave us a brief tour and gave the girls some souvenirs.

















We had some good discussion about why we should thank veterans for fighting in wars for us, what freedoms we have, and the names of the different wars. I also told H about September 11th since they had a display with two pieces of metal from ground zero.

After we came home we read a couple of books about music.


Day 7

Today we started out by talking about what Lentil was good at and what he couldn’t do (even though he wanted to!). Then we discussed what H is good at:


Then I asked H what are some of the things her friends can do but she can’t. She had a hard time thinking of anything.  The only thing she thought of was how she can’t pick her nose with her tongue like her cousin can! I told her that’s quite alright. lol

Then H filled out her field trip log from our trip yesterday.  She wrote the shorter words and phrases (I helped with spelling) and I wrote the longer parts of the page for her. She also drew a neat picture of the museum and the tank on the back of the page.




Then we read another book about taste:



Later we read the Magic School Bus book that went with the episode she watch a few days ago.



Then we looked at a couple of books about music.  Both of them were a little too complicated for our uses (and H’s age), but we still skimmed them.  The What is Art: Music book was pretty good for the most part, and we mainly just looked at the pictures in the Usborne one.



Then H did her own sound experiment by playing her harmonica in the bathtub like Lentil. Then she played under the blankets on the bed.  We talked about which setting sounds the best.  H decided she liked under the blankets the best.  We discussed how the sounds were different because of the hard vs soft surroundings.



Day 8

I had H start our school day by sorting the instruments into their families again for review.


Then we worked on geography again. H found Ohio (after a number of guesses), then dumped the puzzle and put it all together. I tried to name some of the states as she put them back together.  She used to know over half of them, but not anymore.

Then H colored our state (Florida) and Ohio on the worksheet and we talked about what direction we would have to travel to get to Ohio (North!).


Then we did a geography minibook.  H drew a picture for each page from our house to our planet.  I think we must have missed a page because it went from state to planet.  But I think she got the idea.


Next we started talking about architecture. I asked H what house was the neatest in Lentil.  H quickly said “Colonel Carter’s!” We looked at story of Lentil and talked about all the neat and unusual parts of Colonel Carter’s house.  Then we read a few books about the different aspects of architecture:



I would highly recommend all 3 books.  They were all very interesting.  We read most of the Old House New House book, but some of it was too complicated for H.  It was interesting to see how the house changed over time and what renovations they did.

Then H pulled out her blocks.  She built a castle, a town and I helped her with a tower (like the skyscraper book).



Day 9

We started today by continuing our architecture lesson from yesterday. We worked together to draw Colonel Carter’s house while looking at the page from Lentil.  I tried to get H to draw it herself, but she complained it was too hard and started getting upset.  So we worked together.




Next, we tried whittling with soap like Old Sneep does (he uses wood though, of course). We used some Ivory soap I had left from another experiment.  I wouldn’t recommend using Ivory though, it crumbles way too easily.  A softer soap would do better.  But the girls still had fun cutting it up and making a mess.



Next, H figured out the setting for Lentil and chose her vocab word: monument.  She did a good job illustrating her new word.



Then we talked about the elements of a good story.  I drew a basic mountain type illustration and I tried to explain them at a 5 yr old level.


Then I had H do a reading response worksheet for Lentil (I found it for free from teachers pay teachers).


Next, went online and did a really neat story elements interactive website (found it on Pinterest). It was a bit long at times, but H stayed with it pretty well, especially because the story used was Cinderella.  There were a lot of neat interactive activities throughout it.  After we finished it, H took the provided test.


Next, we did a roll-a-story (I found it on teachers pay teachers).



Then we used the story elements H rolled to write a story.  I typed while H narrated.  I helped her rephrase a few sentences and encouraged her to add a few more details.  Next, after printing it out, H illustrated her story.

Day 10

Today we tied up all the loose ends of our Lentil study.  We read another book about taste and some about patriotism, our flag and America.



We looked through another book about Ohio and learned some interesting facts about the Amish community.


Later we played around with big brother’s charcoal pencil. I tried it out first to get the hang of the sketching technique.  We looked at some of the pages of Lentil and noted how the artist shaded and sketched with charcoal.


Then I had H experiment with it.  She had a hard time getting the hang of it.  She kept wanting to use it like a normal pencil and her drawing and coloring with it made awful noises! I kept trying to get her sketch and shade and it caused some battles and tears (not at all what I expected!). She finally was able to at least try it better.  Below are her drawings.  The first one is only charcoal and in the second she drew with charcoal and then colored in with regular colored pencils.


We had a lot of fun rowing Lentil and are looking forward to our next study: Madeline!


HS: The Story of Ferdinand (FIAR 2) November 22, 2013

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We rowed (studied) The Story of Ferdinand back in mid October. This book is written and illustrated by the same people as Wee Gillis that we rowed last year.

It is interesting to see how last year when we started the Five in a Row studies, H would complain when the books we rowed were black and white and older. This year she hasn’t batted an eye or even made a comment about black and white illustrations. I guess she’s becoming cultured. Haha.


Day One
We started by reading our theme book. We enjoyed our first read of the silly story. Next we looked through the book and found the few interjections. I of course first explained what interjections were and she told me what exclamation points were (upside down “i”s). Then we read a book about interjections. We briefly looked at the pages about conjunctions but it started getting too complicated for H, so we skipped the last couple pages. But the book was very useful for learning more about interjections.


Day Two
Today we looked through Ferdinand to find all the vultures. H counted all of them and we discussed whether the small outlines of flying birds were vultures or not. Then we read two really good books about vultures.


H was grossed out and scared of most of the pictures that had dead animals in them, so I had to put my hand or a paper over them while we read.

Then we used the printable page for vultures from the lapbook for Ferdinand on homeschool share. H cut out the papers and we wrote down the facts about the vulture’s size, their diet and what birds of prey are. Then H drew a picture of a vulture and we glued the little fact booklets on the picture.


H also did a Ferdinand word search, number maze and a worksheet about what she likes to do: (I found these printables from links on Pinterest)


Then H watched an episode of The Magic Bus about rot (since vultures help eat rotting animals). I’m really loving The Magic School Bus these days for help with science!

Day Three
Today we read Ferdinand again while looking for key words (matador, picador, etc) so we could do the bull fighting terms mini book. Then we watched a couple of YouTube videos of bull fighting and the running of the bulls (thankfully no one got gored in either!). Then we read a story about bull riding:


Then H worked on one of the pages of the Spanish mini color book. H also did a couple measuring worksheets and we tried reading a book about measuring but it ended up being too complicated for our needs.

Day Four
Today H colored another page in her Spanish color book. We also read (more like skimmed):


H then did a couple of measuring worksheets (from education.com):


Next, we read a couple books on bulls:

Then we made a bull craft (printable from crayola.com and I found on Pinterest):


Day 5
Today H colored the final page in her Spanish coloring book (here’s a sample page):


H did a household item measuring worksheet (based on inches).


Then we read a couple of books about bulls:


Next, we read a book on Spain:

We did geography circles to help H get a grip on Spain compared to Florida.

Then H colored Spain in the map and the Spanish flag.

Day 6
Today H did another household object measuring worksheet (this time in centimeters):

Next we read a neat book about nouns:

Then H did a noun sorting exercise. I went through the book and wrote down all the nouns I could find. Then cut each one out and H put them into categories of person, place and thing.


Then we read a book about bark and look at another about corks:

Then H and K got to play with corks (borrowed from a friend, we don’t drink). They floated them, dropped them, and used toothpicks to build boats with them.




We also made a cork mini book (from homeschool share).



Day 7
Today we read a few fun books about clover and vultures:


Then we read (kinda skimmed) another book in Spain and one on corks:


H colored the Iberian Peninsula mini book from homeschool share. We also talked a little bit about clover since it was the clover flowers that Ferdinand always sat and smelled.

Day 8
Today we focused on science. We read a book on vultures:

Then one about the sense of smell:


Next, H cut out pictures from magazines of good and bad smells. She got tired of cutting out pictures so she resorted to drawing a few:

Then we did a smelling experiment. I put wet cottonballs in some containers and sprinkled some spices on them. And I also put a few food items in other containers. Then I blinded H and had her guess what each item was based only on scent.




Day 9
Today H did some spelling sheets based on Ferdinand with letter tiles (from homeschool share).
H also did two Spanish weather worksheets:


Next, H completed the story’s setting and she chose a vocab word from the story:


We played a bull knock out game with dice (from homeschool share):


Next we read another book about Spain:


Then we used all the mini books we made earlier in the study and made one bigger book about Spain. Here are some of the pages:





Then we read another book about the sense of smell:

And H did a good smell vs stink worksheet:


And to finish things up, we made a delicious Spanish treat. Yummy Churros with chocolate dipping sauce:


(I lost the link otherwise I would share it. But they were delicious!)


HS: When I Was Young In the Mountains (FIAR2)

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Day 1
Today we started out by reading the theme book (of course!). We talked about why the grandma cried in the story and what other reasons people may cry. Then we read:

Both were really good books!

Day 2
Today we read:

I picked this book when it came up in my online library search for books about crying. Obviously it’s not the same as actual crying. But I realized that H had never heard this story so I figured it was time! We also had a short discussion about lying afterwards.

Then we read:

The Hide and Snake book wasn’t informative, but still fun to search the pictures for snakes. The other was very informative and basic enough for H to understand. Then we used a printout from homeschool share’s website about the different lengths of some snakes and graphed them. I found the graph paper printout from Pinterest. And because of the large variation of snake lengths we couldn’t easily fit the longest ones on the graph (and still have the shorter ones represented) and still use easy units for H to graph. So, long story short, we made the graphing units 10s and just made arrows at the top of the two longest ones to represent that they are much longer. We also measured H and estimated daddy’s height in inches for the graph.


Finally, we made a snake cut out craft from education.com, which I forgot to take a picture of. H also wanted to make another snake on her own so I helped her cut it out and tape it together. The girl made their snakes slither down the hallway complete with hissing sounds for a while. Made for some good laughs!

Day 3
Today we read the theme book again. Then H made a mini book of her own based on the repetition of When I Was Young in the Mountains. We used the beginning statements from a printout from homeschool share. (H has surprisingly picked up the repetition from the story the first time we read it and had asked why they kept saying the same thing.)
Please excuse the boring cover, H didn’t want to color it. And here are a couple sample pages from her mini book:




Next we looked at a book about coal (it was wayyyyy to complicated for her and me!

Next we read a couple stories about coal and the mountains:


Day 4
Today we began by looking at a book about the Appalachian mountains (where our theme story takes place):

The book was much too wordy and complicated for our uses, but the pictures were neat and helpful. There was also a good map we used mark the mountain region on our map of West Virginia (the setting of our theme story). The book did have quite a bent of evolution in it, too (which we skipped of course!).

Next we read a couple stories about the Appalachian mountains:

The Cinderella book was really interesting, although it only had one sentence about the Appalachian region.

We also read this story and mapped the girl’s travels throughout the USA on our placemat map (with an erasable marker):

This book went w our theme book because of the mention of her going to the mountains for coal.

Finally we read a neat book about snakes. I’d really recommend her science books (we’ve read at least one other of hers, about owls), they are simple enough for early elementary yet still quite informative and detailed.


Then H colored a West Virginia state page and did a snake pattern page, both from education.com:


K found H’s state page and decided she wanted to add her (almost) two year old touch.

Day Five
Today H wanted to read the Cinderella book again so I eagerly passed that onto to Daddy to do 🙂
Then we looked at another book about the Appalachians (again, too complicated and wordy, and evolutionary…but the pictures were still valuable):


Next we read a story about the Appalachians (written by the same author as the theme book):

The pictures were small and not very exciting, but the story itself was informative about the Appalachian towns and people.

H colored the state of West Virginia and made a mini book of the map from a homeschool share printout.

Then we read some really great books about snakes:



Then we started a snake egg experiment. We’ve done this once before but not to make an egg like a snake’s egg. Tonight we started the process by putting an egg in a bowl then covering it with vinegar. I decided to let K join in the fun too:

We’ll see what fun we can have with them tomorrow! Man, does vinegar stink up a kitchen!

Finally, we read another couple neat books about weight and measuring:


And H did a couple of weight worksheets from education.com:


Day 6
Today H did the setting for the theme story and chose her vocab word: coal mine. Then she drew a picture of coal.

Then we looked at all the details in the general store picture and made a list of everything we found. I mentioned to her about how we can draw details like these in our pictures.

Next we talked about contentment. I defined and explained it to her. We talked about how contentment is having “our wanter under control.” And I told that she was going to practice being content this week by not complaining, not saying “I want” or “I’m bored,” or “I don’t like this.” We also talked about how being thankful makes us more content. It was good timing that this study fell during November since this year we made a thankful tree and each day we are trying to add a new leaf written with one new thing we’re thankful for.

I also had her name things that she was thankful for that we had done that day.

Then we read a few stories about contentment. I recommend all 3!



Then we talked about nutrition and healthy eating. We looked at the picture of their meal in our theme book. Then we read a couple books about healthy eating:

Both books were really good. Basic enough for H but also very informative. Next, we got out some magazines and H cut out (with help from me) pictures of good and and foods. Then she glued them on the right paper.


Next, H insisted we play a food game. She has really enjoyed these tasting and smelling games. So I went first and she put a number of items (cheese, cracker, vanilla wafer, bread, cherry tomato, m&m, chocolate chip) onto a cookie sheet and she fed them to me while my eyes were closed. I guessed all of them! Then she took a turn and I fed her some mystery food items.

Then H finished up by coloring a snake picture.

Day 7
Today we worked on some math word problems based on our theme book (I found these on homeschool share).

We read some more food books:


H also worked on coloring a vegetable/fruit coloring sheet from education.com. She didn’t stick with it long (but she worked on it a little throughout the next few days).

Then we looked at another book about coal (still too complicated to read) and read a story about coal miners (it was really good):


Day 8
Today we looked through the theme book for moons. Whenever we found one, I had H tell me what stage it was in. She’s gotten the stages down pretty good (even remembering gibbous!) since we’ve studied moons in a few different rows.

Next we read a few different moon stories. They were all pretty good, although I had to skip over the evolution/big bang stuff.



Day 9
Today we did a number of weighing and volume experiments, which H loved. She’s all about the hands on and anything called an “experiment.”

We did a couple of weighing and volume worksheets I printed off from education.com. For one of them she had to collect different kitchen items and estimate how much each held, then measure the actual amount of liquid each held.


Then we did our own weight experiment. I had her collect other household objects (her choice) and she had to decide how to weigh them (small mail scale vs household scale). Then we wrote down how much each item weighed and what we used to weigh them.


We also read a couple books about measuring and weighing. The metric book was too complicated for our uses, but I still used bits and pieces of it to at least better introduce her to the metric system terms.


H wanted to paint so I went ahead and had her paint at least one picture with the sky the style of the theme book. She first colored a moon and then painted bits of black over it for the night sky. Unfortunately the moon didn’t show through the paint well like it was supposed to.


Day 10
Today we tied up all the loose ends in our row and finished it up! We read the theme book again and enjoyed some hot cocoa with lunch since it was actually cooler outside (you know in the 70’s in November!)


H did another volume measuring worksheet (from education.com).


We went through the theme book and made a list of all the animals and counted each kind.

Then H mapped the animals (with some help):


Next, we went through the theme book and found each of the occupations mentioned in the book. Then we made a list of items used in the book versus what we use these days (candles vs electricity):


Finally, we read one last book about mountain life. It was a really good one, I highly recommend it.


And one of the last few days we finally checked out the snake egg experiment. H played with hers for a few minutes but then dropped or attempted to bounce it (not sure which) and it broke. K touched hers while it was still in the bowl and it broke. We left them too long in the vinegar. But it was still neat.


Looking forward to doing the next book, also about the Appalachian mountains. It’s the last one in our FIAR 2 manual and the last one we’re rowing until after the holidays.


HS: Miss Rumphius (FIAR 2) (updated) October 18, 2013

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(For some reason when this posted the first time it deleted the last three days of our unit. Frustrating!)

We rowed this book over two and a half weeks. We really enjoyed this story and all the rabbit trails we took to learn about all sorts of subjects!

Day One
We started out by reading our theme book.


Then we read a silly book about camels.


Next we read a really good book about seeds:

Then we worked on a few worksheets about seeds (printables I found on Pinterest) and H colored a lupine coloring page.

Day Two
For some reason I had requested this book from the library with the rest of the books for our study:

20131016-130720.jpg I didn’t realize it was a chapter book. I’m guessing it was under one of my seed, flower or garden searches. It was cute and we ended up reading all 6 chapters (70 pages!) in one day.

We also did some seed math pages I found printed from online. We went outside wearing only old socks to try to collect seeds (found the idea on a couple of blogs). Unfortunately we only collected hitch hikers and lots of them! I’m not sure if it was the socks we wore or if the other seeds just didn’t stick. I’d recommend wearing furrier socks.


H also collected seeds from the yard in a ziploc bag and then we taped them onto a piece of paper. Good thing we have a lot of weeds in our yard!

We also did a few cut and paste worksheets about seeds. One of them was this one:


We found a few different types of seeds we had in the house (dried beans, popcorn kernels and bird seed). H used the seeds to make a couple different pictures:


H started a seed growing experiment with dried beans and two types of seeds from the bird seed mix. We put one of each of the 3 types of seeds into a ziploc bag with a very wet paper towel. We let each soak for a couple days and then taped one in H’s window for sunlight and the other one in our bathroom without windows. We used a plant observation chart printable I found online and every couple of days H drew the progress of the seeds growing. Unfortunately only the bean and the sunflower seed started sprouting in the light bag. None of the seeds in the dark bag grew at all. Also, some squished the bean in the dark bag. And the light bag must have gotten too hot in the window because the bean sprout ended up turning brown and died. But thankfully H got the idea anyways.

Day Three
Today we read Miss Rumphius again (we don’t always read the theme book everyday since I stretch the study of each over about 2 weeks).

Next we did some Miss Rumphius word problems from printables I found online.

We talked about nicknames. We talked about nicknames H has. We also talked about what nicknames I used to be called in school. We listed some good and bad nicknames people might have and why people make nicknames. We read two good books about nicknames:


Day Four
Today we took a field trip to the beach since Miss Rumphius lives near the sea in the book. It was going to be a family trip but little sis ended up getting a stomach virus. So daddy stayed home with her during nap time and H and I took a quick trip to the beach. We collected shells, waded in the water and made a sandcastle. We saw a washed up jellyfish, seaweed, a pelican, seagulls, and sand pipers.





Later after we came back home, we read a story about the sea and boats:


Then we read a couple neat books about shells:



Next we got out the box of shells and starfish we have. H organized the shells and starfish into similar groups:

Then we used a website about shells to name some of the shells we have. We both tried to draw each of the shells we were able to name.
H’s shell picture:

Mine: (I post these pics just for fun and for our own records. Not because I am very good at drawing at all! But I do enjoy drawing w H for school.)


Day Five
Today we read some books about birds. The storybook had a neat little twist at the end.


We made bird feeders with pinecones, peanut butter and birdseed.

20131016-134700.jpg This is the second time we’ve made these type of feeders and honestly I’ve never seen an actual bird eat from them! But we did watch a squirrel hanging upside down eating from the one we hung on their playground. And in case you’re wondering apparently bird seed doesn’t taste that bad. Lol. My toddler ate a handful before I would stop her but she just kept chewing and didn’t even seem to be bothered by it. Yuck! I did try to get most of it out and was rewarded with a hard bite on my finger!

We also read these books about time and directions:


And we played the direction game I had made last year for Owl Moon:

20131016-135042.jpg Even after we read the book and played the game, H still couldn’t seem to get which directions were which! But that’s ok, my main goal these first few years of FIAR studies is to introduce topics and broaden her horizons. As she gets older I’ll focus more on actual fact retention.

Day Six
Today was a really light day of school because we had 3 extra kiddos staying with us while their parents (our cousins) were on a missions trip.

The kids did a painting of lupines. I had them paint the stems and leaves first early in the day and then after lunch they added the flowers using their fingertips. Even my 22 month old got the idea.



Then the kids watched a Magic School Bus episode about the desert since Miss Rumphius visits one during her travels (when she rides the camel).

Day Seven
Today we read Miss Rumphius again. We talked about small beginnings and not giving up. We did a cut and paste continent map (she had to label each continent). Of course I mainly just told her where to put each name but we did talk more about each one. I also pulled out the geography plate I made a while ago (thanks to Pinterest again!) to help drive the idea of continents vs countries vs states home.


Next we read a really neat book about the desert and looked at pictures of Afghanistan in another book (since a lot of the Middle East is desert).

Using a map from the desert book we guessed as to where Miss Rumphius may have visited the desert and then we marked it on our continent page.

We also read another silly camel book:


Then we each drew pictures of the desert. I love her camel!



We also read a couple books about the library and the Dewey decimal system since Miss Rumphius works at a library in her early years.


H also drew her pictures of the seeds for her plant observation chart.

Day Eight
Today we took a really cool field trip to the Enchanted Forest in Titusville, FL. I had heard of it from a few people but we had never visited it. I thought this would be the perfect time to since we were learning about flowers and gardens. I checked out their website and saw a number of neat programs that they offer for homeschoolers. I’m looking forward to checking some of those out in the future.

We went with our cousins and had a nice big group (8!) kids to enjoy the activities. We went hiking. They have numerous types of trails to enjoy. We saw a tortoise, big spiders and incredibly high webs, flowers, berries, and lots of different types of trees. We also saw lots of butterflies, especially in their butterfly gardens.






They also have a large educational center indoors. They have a number of interactive exhibits like microscopes, insects, footprint making, fireman gear to try on, real stuffed animals, computer games, etc. They also had another room with lots of hands on educational toys like life cycle puzzles, a bat cave, neat animal puppets, lots of books, coloring pages, nature park bingo, and tons of other stuff. I was really surprised at the amount of things there were to do there and all for FREE! We will definitely be going back again!







Day Ten
Today we figured out the setting of Miss Rumphius and H chose her vocab word (lupine).


We watched a Magic School Bus episode about seeds and another about the rain forest. Then we read a book about flowers and looked at the pictures of the rainforest and tropical islands.



Then we both drew a picture of the rainforest. H’s picture used a number of different mediums: paint, tissue paper, stickers, stamps, markers, and colored pencils.



We marked the continent paper with the other locations that we think Miss Rumphius traveled: jungle, tropical island, and the house by the sea.

H did her field trip form (thanks to Megan for the idea! And Pinterest.) from our Enchanted forest trip.


Finally, H did a trace and color worksheet of flowers. 20131018-182642.jpg

Day Eleven
Today (Saturday) we squeezed in some school by watching an episode of Magic School Bus about the arctic and then we drew pictures of Miss Rumphius climbing a snowy mountain (I forgot to take pics of the pictures! Lol). We also finished up the Miss Rumphius math word problems.

Day Twelve
Today we tied up the loose ends of our study. We read Miss Rumphius one more time. We made pictures of the faraway places we’d like to visit using cut outs from magazines (if only the magazines we used had pictures of nice tropical islands!)



H did a couple worksheets based on Miss Rumphius: “what I want to do when I grow up” and “how I could make the world more beautiful.” I expected H to have an easy time with these, but there were actually tears and fit throwing. After she finally calmed down, she was able to get the idea and actually try her best. Along the same lines, we talked about our purpose as Christians.

We talked about the changing times between Miss Rumphius’ childhood and her as an elderly lady. We looked at the pictures and found the differences and the similarities.

We talked about our healthy daily routines and found examples in Miss Rumphius (mainly when she was a young girl). And then we talked about what H does everyday to stay healthy. I also tied it into our chores and how those make our house a healthy place to live.

We finished up with a trip to the library. We talked about the Dewey decimal system, looked at the numbers on the shelves and the book spines. We talked about fiction vs nonfiction and how we could tell the difference based on whether they just had letters or if they had letters and numbers. We also practiced finding a few different kinds of books.

We really enjoyed rowing Miss Rumphius! Now onto The Story of Ferdinand! And hopefully I’ll get caught up on posting the other books we’ve rowed in the last couple months!


HS: Mr Gumpy’s Motorcar (FIAR 2) July 23, 2013

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I had planned on being on top of school this summer. Not that we’re doing anything super serious but I wanted to still keep doing some book studies and such. Well, as we all know what tends to happen…we’ve been kinda lazy. But we’re finally back to doing a FIAR study.

I had to order Mr. Gumpy’s Motorcar from amazon because it wasn’t at the library. But honestly it’s probably been my least favorite of all the books we’ve studied so far. The drawing aren’t as clear and there isn’t much substance to the story. But we’re still enjoying learning about what we can from the little bit of topics that are in it.


Day One
We started out by reading Mr. Gumpy’s Motorcar, of course. We talked about what was different about Mr. Gumpy’s car and our types of vehicles and why it’s probably set in Europe (England). H worked on an England coloring pae from education.com. Then we experimented with watercolors.



This was the first time K had ever painted!
We tried painting the sun like the artist does in Mr. Gumpy’s with round rings around it instead of the typical straight rays. H made sure to include rain and mud like Mr. Gumpy’s. And what rain picture would be complete without a rainbow? H is a bit obsessed with drawing them recently.


And I got in on the painting, too. Nothing impressive though, but its always fun.


Then we read from two library books:


Duck in a Truck has some onomatopoeia like Mr. Gumpy’s and seems like it is probably set in England, too, based on the side of the car he drives on among other things.

Day Two
Today we focused on weather. We started by making an interactive water cycle.



Then we made a cloud by microwaving ivory soap for 2 minutes.



I was hoping it’d be more fun to play with but it just became powdery pretty quickly. It made the house smell nice and soapy. But it was a pain to clean out of the microwave.

We finished by reading a few books about weather and clouds.


We also had a picnic outside and looked at the clouds. H drew the types of clouds we saw in her weather journal.



Day Three
Today H drew the clouds in her weather journal again.


We read a few more cloud/weather books:


H drew a picture if Mr. Gumpy’s car while looking at the book and trying to copy their methods:


We read a book about forces and movement:


And then did an experiment from the book with a few toys cars and a homemade ramp. First, H weighed them to see which would require more force to push.



Then she released down the ramp to see which one went the furthest (or even stayed on the ramp the whole way down). Next we added different items at the end of the ramp to either add friction or to reduce it (steam mop pad, foil, wax paper, towel, etc). She marked where the car went with a sticker on the floor each time.



We also wrote down the setting in our language arts notebook and she chose “trotter” as her vocab word. She had a lot of fun using the “I’ve got a bone in trotter” line from the book. I had to google it to find out what it meant. She drew a sheep’s foot to represent the trotter, which you can barely see compared to the rest of the random pic she decided to draw.


Then we talked about time sequence of stories. We talked about how some stories take place in only a few hours (like Mr. Gumpy’s) and others take place over days, weeks, months or even years. Next, we listed some of the other FIAR books we’ve read and what their time frames were. The parenthesis were her answers and the others are the correct ones.


Day Four
Today we finished up the book since hubby and I were headed out on a youth trip at the end of the week.

We read:

And talked about how the hen’s friends were similar to Mr. Gumpy’s in how they didn’t want to help. We discussed how that wasn’t nice. We talked about cooperation and helping each other. We also talked about how to be social and what social skills we need to get along with others (listening, taking turns, not talking all the time, speaking kindly, being friendly, etc).

We finished up by reading a couple more books about friction and forces:

And then did an experiment from the book with trying to hold different items (marble, ice, plastic baggy, spoon) with dry fingers, floured fingers and then piled fingers to show the effects of friction or lack thereof.

H sure loves doing experiments and getting her hands dirty! I just don’t always like cleaning up afterwards!

Sometime during the weekend (we rowed the book from the end of one week to the beginning of another), Grandpa came for a visit and we made a cloud dessert to go with our weather lesson:



HS: Mirette and the High Wire (FIAR 2) April 23, 2013

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Day One
We started of by reading Mirette and the High Wire and its two
Sequels– Starring Mirette and Bellini and Mirette and Bellini Cross Niagara Falls. Then we read Dr. Seuss’ “If I Ran the Circus” since tight rope walking is usually associated with the circus.

Next we learned about compound words since there are a number if them in Mirette and the High Wire. We used a worksheet I found online (can’t remember where now).


Day Two
Today we read a book about Paris since that is where Mirette lives and a couple other circus books.

Day Three
Today we started out the day on a family adventure. We finally hooked up H’s bike “carriage” (as she calls it) and took the girls on a bike ride to the park.




When we came home (and after naps!) we read “The Man Who Walked Between the Towers,” by Mordecai Gerstein. And then we watched the video by the same name from the library.

Day Four
Today we read two more circus books and listened to the CD that came with one of them. We also read a story about a pig that learns to walk on a high wire and then colored a high wire walking pig picture.

H also did a word group worksheet with a popcorn theme (since its a typical circus snack):


Day Five
Today we focused on art. We colored and painted with watercolors.

Haddie painted someone walking on a hire wire with a waterfall behind them.

Then we both painted the Eiffel Tower:



Day Six
Today we colored a picture of Niagara Falls:


Then we mapped out Bellini’s career on a map from homeschool share’s website.


Then we reviewed France and Europe on our map. Next we made a plate model (thanks Pinterest!) to help H learn the relationship between world, continent, country, state and city:


Then we learned a little about copper since Mirette’s mother’s pots are made from copper. I challenged H to find anything made by copper in our house. We found things that were the same color but nothing copper except for the bottom of our pots and pennies. Then we did an experiment of trying to see what would clean a penny the best:





Day Seven
Today we started out school watching some YouTube videos about tight rope walkers:

Wallenda Prepares for Niagara Falls walk

We also found some YouTube videos of Nik Wallenda walking the tight rope across Niagara Falls.

We also read a few different books:
High-Wire Henry by Mary Calhoun (I highly recommend, it was cute)

Where’s Our Mama by Diane Goode (based in Paris, nothing spectacular)

Circus by Lois Ehlert (interesting pictures)

Later in the day we made some Funnel Cakes since they’re circus food and popcorn.
Funnel Cakes

The oil was too hot the first time and burnt the funnel cake:


But the second and third tries turned out great:



While we ate our snacks we searched Netflix for some circus movies or shows. We found a PBS documentary series called Circus about the Big Apple Circus.

Then we Daddy came home they played circus and H practiced her balancing skills:


We took a week break here in the study to get ready and go on a family camping trip! The first family trip with all 5 of us and in one pop up camper…but that’s another post…

Haddie made sure to practice her high wire walking on the curb by our campsite:


Day Eight
We read the story about the real Bellini:


Then we read two different books about copper:


And then we did a copper experiment from one of the books. We found a few screws and nails from Daddy’s garage. Along with some dirty pennies.


Then we put in them in a cup with vinegar and left them for most of the day.



And here’s what happened:


Day Nine
Today we finished up the Mirette by reading all three Mirette books. Next we read a book about France and colored a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Then we talked about talents, boasting and practicing like Mirette did.

At some point during the study (I don’t remember when since I’m posting weeks later) we also cooked some
elephant ears since they’re carnival food like the funnel cakes we made.



A couple of days later we were at a friend’s birthday party and H had to practice her tight rope walking on the balance beam:



HS: Babar- To Duet or Not Duet (FIAR 2)

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(We rowed this book about a month ago, I’m behind on posting!)

After a couple weeks of a break, we are back to studying another book20130319-220912.jpg

Day One
Our FIAR book hadn’t arrived at the library yet so we just read a couple other stories in the Babar series from the library.

Day Two
Today we started off by reading the Babar: Duet or Not to Duet. Then we read “Orchestranimals” by Vlasta van Kampen. We stopped after reading each animal and their instrument to look up each instrument on YouTube. It was really interesting and we both enjoyed it. Here are some of the best ones we watched:

The Cello Song

Violin Dubstep

Next we colored a couple of instrument coloring pages and talked about each one.

And right before nap time we read “Babar Visits Another Planet.” And later we watched the first few episodes of Babar on Netflix and learned how he came to become king and wear clothes like humans.

Day Three
Today was a bit of a weird day so we ended up just reading a couple Babar stories and watching some Babar episodes.

Day Four
Today we made up for yesterday. We read this great book about elephants.


I’d highly recommend it. It was simple enough to understand but still very informative and interesting.

H did some elephant worksheets I found online including a maze, puzzle, dot to dot and a page about what elephants eat. When she finished the dot to dot she colored it like an Indian elephant complete with lots of decorations and paint (like we saw in the book)


Later with daddy (while mommy was napping!), she colored a Babar page, practiced some Hebrew and drew her own elephant.

Day Five
Today we read another library book about elephants. Well, we more so looked at some of the pictures. This book was a bit over her head and way too wordy to read out loud. Then H made her own elephant by using a cut and paste worksheet from education.com

We got out our setting notebook we use for all our books and figured out the setting for Babar’s Duet or not to Duet book. This time the setting was fictional Celesteville. We talked about some other stories or TV shows that H watches that have fictional settings. She did a good job naming some different ones and their settings:
My Little Ponies–Equesteria
Strawberry Shortcake–Berry Bitty City

And then she chose a vocab word to draw:


And we finished up by reading a book about manners.

Day Six
Today we read a great book about fractions:

H played with a felt fraction set I made last night (with inspiration from Pinterest):
Then we worked on some fraction worksheets and used blocks to help her better understand the concepts.

After a little while we got distracted and used the blocks for all kinds of other fun things:

Then we read this great book on manners. It’s written by Whoopi Goldberg and its hilarious:


Day Seven
Today (Sunday) we did a little bit of school because H requested to read a few books. We read another fractions book:

This one was good but too complicated for my 4 yr old. It would be good to use in a few years.

We also read this fun book on manners:


Day Eight
Today we did a couple more math worksheets from education.com. We did a fraction and an instrument subtraction sheet:



We played with playdoh and I gave her fractions to cut it into:



Even K got in on the fun:


Then we spent time reading this great book and learning about the different groups of instruments:


Then we got on the computer and played on the San Francisco Symphony website. You can click on each group and then individual instruments to hear the sounds and read more about each. Then we spent some time searching for instrument apps on my phone. We downloaded and played with a few. It was especially fun playing on this piano that made different dog barks for each note. We laughed at lot at our dog’s reactions!

After this week, we took about a week break to get ready and go on our camping trip, but that’s another post!

Day Nine
Today we focused on music theory a bit. I wanted to introduce some of the basic ideas such as the music notes are letters, the names of the notes (whole, half, quarter), etc.

I showed her what the notes look like and what the different cleft symbols are and we practiced drawing them:


I also used a couple printouts from
Education.com. We didn’t fully do them of course, since she’s only four, but she practiced drawing notes on the lines and writing a little bit of what some of the notes are worth.


Then we spent some time playing on the piano. She wanted me to play a couple songs for her while she had a stick and pretended to be the conductor. Then we switched roles and she got to bang on the piano for a bit.

Day Ten
Today we focused on manners some more. We read another manners book and talked a lot about different situations in which manners are needed. I had her role play some situations as well.

Next, we talk about lying. We discussed how Pom and Baba lied and the consequences they had. We talked about how God wants us to always tell the truth.

Then we read a book about shapes and played I-Spy with shapes around the room and in the Babar book. We also tried to find music notes in the book.

Day Eleven
Today we read another shape book, practiced drawing different types of shapes, even some 3-D shapes (cube, pyramid, etc).



Then we each drew a shape on two different pieces of paper. We switched papers and tried to draw a picture from the shape.


Next we painted them with watercolors and water color pencils.


Then Haddie wanted to paint on her own:


Day Twelve
Today we read two books about hearing:


Then we finished up our Babar study by reading another shape book an searching for 3-D shapes while we read Babar one more time.

We had a lot of fun studying Babar! And I’m excited about our next book and the field trip we get to go on!