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Y is for Yo-yo March 7, 2014

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I was horrible at being on top of tot school with this letter. For some reason it seriously took us 3 weeks to go through “Y” even though I really didn’t do any extra activities. I guess life was just super busy, I was worn out and K participated in a lot of H’s school fun so there wasn’t much time for letter school.

Here’s the little we accomplished over these weeks:
K did a few of the 1+1+1=1 worksheets (you can find the link to this awesome blog on my right side bar if you’re on a computer).





K especially likes to use her bingo for markers to do some of the worksheets. She’s slowly getting better at not being so wild with them and splattering the paint all over.



We read some books that had “Y” themes:




I also bought her a yo-yo to play with. Of course she’s too young to actually yo-yo, I still wanted her to understand what a yo-yo was since it was used on all her worksheets. K and big sis had fun watching Daddy show off his yo-yo skills, too!

I cut out her foam “Y” to go on her wall but I haven’t decorated it. Yes, I’m still behind! Our next letter is B! Hopefully I’ll get it posted soon (WordPress is behind all wonky and frustrating me a lot right now!).


E is for Egg February 19, 2014

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K is starting to get the hang of this school thing. She’s even been asking to do “cool” and tries to pull out her school basket when big sis starts her school work. Unfortunately I didn’t get too do as many of the fun egg activities as I had planned.  We ran out of time and I ran out of energy! Plus we were busy doing big sis’ school about Ping and China. I planned D (duck) and E (egg) when big sis was doing her Ping FIAR study so that we could get double dip and reinforce it all even more!  K enjoyed having a Chinese dinner with big sis and making a chinese fan among other things.

We actually did these activities over two weeks.  I meant to only spend one week per letter, but I didn’t feel like we did enough of it the first week, so we spread it into another week.

I love these pictures of her working hard on her school (mind you, she probably crawled down a min or two later.  Her attention span still isn’t very long!). The worksheets shown are all from the tot school section of the 1+1+1=1 blog.



She really enjoys putting the stickers over the letters.  Although she still tries to take them back off at times.  And I’ve been finding the circle stickers randomly around the house.  lol.


She is still isn’t quite getting the color matching concept, but we’ll keep trying.  I color the word with the correct color (we only have a black and white printer), and then I have to repeatedly point to the right one for K to color.


These are some of the duck/egg books we borrowed from the library.  For some of them K sat nice and still, and others she attempted to steal the book, or just got down and played with something else while I continued to read to big sis.




I am also starting to get letter themed books from the library (not sure why I didn’t think about it for the first couple letters we studied).  I don’t expect her to really get the letter sounds at this point (she is 26 months old), but I know the extra exposure won’t hurt her.  And it may even help further reinforce the sounds with big sis (she’s 5).


We had Daddy get the Easter decorations from the attic early so we could play with plastic eggs.  K had a lot of fun opening and closing the various sizes of eggs.  Big sis had fun filling the eggs with small toys.  Later she also hid the eggs for K to find.  This kept them nice and busy so I could fix dinner! K should be an egg finding expert in a couple months when Easter is actually here.



Finally, here’s the foam E I made for K’s wall by her crib.  I put eggs on it, too.  And yes, it’s not very fancy.  I’m going to use them to spell her name.  Ironically all the letters we’ve studied so far are in her first and middle name.



Next up, letter Y so we can finish spelling her first name!


Tot School: K is for Keys

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Last week I tried planning out which letters I should teach K when. I tried to relate them to H’s FIAR studies (next week we’re rowing Ping so we’ll do D for duck and E for eggs). But some studies just couldn’t be matched up. During my research for alphabet tot school, I saw a suggestion to teach the letters that are in the child’s name. They suggested that this is helpful because the child will have more interest in the letter when you keep relating it back to their name and they’ll be one step closer to being able to spell it, since they’ll know those letters first. So, this week we are doing K for Kady. We did “A” last week and we’ll be doing “D” next week. The “Y” will work itself in within the next month. Then I’ll prob just fill in the alphabet in order when it doesn’t relate to H’s FIAR books.

Here’s some of the activities we did:

I brought out the K and keys paper. I tried to get her to trace her fingers over the letter with me, and to point out the keys in the K’s. Then I let her color it. She didn’t color much and ended up being more interested in peeling the paper off the crayons. I finally gave up trying to get her attention and let her peel away. After all, that’s kind of a fine motor activity anyways, right? Lol. And besides it kept her busy so I could do school with big sis.


Later I brought out the playdough, K cookie cutters, k magnet and the most exciting of all… Keys! She loved getting to play with keys! They were just ones we let H have to play with. Mainly those ones that come on junk mail for car sales. K kept trying to turn the key while pushing it into my arm. Not the most pleasant. I was trying to brain storm a way for her to have a real working key and lock that would be easy enough for her to use. I’ll have to talk to Daddy about that later. She enjoyed pushing the keys into the playdough and trying to turn them in it.



We used a worksheet from 1+1+1=1 (she has awesome materials on her website for tot school!). I colored the name of each color and tried to get her to put the matching marker cap on each one. She didn’t really get it. And she was more interested in putting the caps on her fingers. I’ll keep doing this with each letter though and hopefully she’ll understand it more soon. At least she’ll be hearing me name the colors if nothing else.

I made a sensory bowl with popcorn kernels, the k cookie cutters, k magnet and keys. She had a lot of fun with this and kept herself busy while I made dinner. Although she did make quite a mess with the kernels all over my kitchen floor. We swept them up, but combined with my dirty floor, they were too gross to use again. But she had fun while it lasted. And even big sis wanted in on the fun!



We tore up foil into small pieces (she enjoyed this part the most), then glued it onto a printout of a key (glue on the back of the print out so you have a clear pattern to cut out). She wasn’t too interested in sticking the pieces to the glue after the first couple. It took some coaxing. After it was finished we taped it to the wall by her bed with the “a” and apple from last week.




We also made this cute guy. I found the print out on Pinterest. She colored it (with some help), I cut it out and together we glued it together. This “roo” (as K calls it) is hanging on her wall, too!


We also did a few other worksheets from 1+1+1=1 that I forgot to take pics of.

Next week we’re learning about D as we continue learning the letters in her name and it also goes with big sis’ book we’re rowing!



D is for Duck (updated) February 12, 2014

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(I’m behind on my posting. This is from about 3 weeks ago.)

This week we learned about D since it’s the next letter in Kady’s name and it also related well to the book we rowed with H’s school: The Story About Ping.

K had a lot of fun with ducks this week and can now say duck with a very heavy accentuated “ck” at the end.

K colored a D worksheet from 1+1+1=1. She was very careful to color the duck at each end of the letter.


I got out our duck game. I wouldn’t have thought to use it, except the above mentioned blog talked about it. So I pulled it out and K loved it! She played with it for days. She pulls out all the ducks, puts them on the pond, pushes the super annoying quacking button then turns it off, puts them away. Then later does the whole process over again. It keeps her nice and occupied!

She really got a kick out of covering up all the “d”s with the circle stickers. She made herself laugh when she covered up the poor duck’s eyes and beak, too!


I let her paint with some bingo markers. She loved it! But my table didn’t! She hasn’t quite gotten the concept down to paint and not violently dot it. And it leaks through the paper. Thank goodness for baby wipes and magic erasers!


We tried the color coordinating again. This time I gave her a crayon or colored pencil and pointed out (and kept having to remind her) which one to color each time.

She painted again with q-tips. She still hasn’t gotten the idea to only paint the dots on the letter. That or she just prefers to be more freestyle.


She did a lot better this week with stamping the cookie cutter in paint and carefully placing them on the paper.



She got a big kick out of being able to stamp the ducks into the playdoh (they have different shapes on their bottom), along with the cookie cutters.


We also read a lot of “d” themed books this week. Although K still doesn’t sit still very long. So most of the books she listened to while she ran around or played on the floor and big sis sat with me.




I made a “D” with a duck for K’s wall by her bed. I’m hoping she’ll enjoy looking at them during nap time and maybe it’ll help them stick in her mind more, too. I’m working on spelling her name first.


Big sis wanted in on the crafty fun, too. So she made K some eggs (for E) and a duck and a donut (for D).



Tot School: A is for Apple January 10, 2014

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My 2 yr old has really started talking more, more interested in signing and a little better at sitting still. So, after much thought, I’ve decided it’s time to start doing more structured school time with her this spring semester. And it worked out well theme-wise because my Kindergartener’s first week is a similar theme so we did a lot of joint activities. H really wants to do all the “fun” things that K is doing, so I’m hoping their themes will continue to match a little so I can reinforce both of their learning with each other’s activities and books.

This week we started rowing (FIAR) How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World for H’s school. So K’s apples for A worked well with it!

Day One
I started off introducing the letter A with a printout from 1+1+1=1.

20140107-115155.jpgI tried to let her only color with red crayons (she wasn’t happy about that) so that we can tie in red with our lessons, too.

I got her to say “A” and to attempt to say “apple.” She got the apple sign down really well though!


We played with play doh and “a” cookie cutters, and made play doh apples for our tree (printable and laminated pages).



Next we played with little red apples. H hid the apples for her around the room and then K went around and collected apples with her basket. H wanted in on the fun, too, so K and I hid apples for her next.





Then we did some apple tasting. My goal is to try to have them taste a different type of apple every day.


The cashier at Walmart thought it was interesting that I had one of each kind of apple. Lol. Today we ate a gala apple.


We sang an Apple song to the tune of B-I-N-G-O. K hummed and danced along. And we finished up by reading:


Day Two
We started out by reading more of Ten Apples Up On Top. Then we practiced stacking “apples”:




I found this idea online somewhere (I’m really bad at remembering my sources! Sorry!). I used images from a google search to print out the 3 animals and had the girls color them. H painted the upside down side of a cardboard egg carton (yesterday) and then I cut them out. The container is an empty oatmeal container. I taped construction paper on it and H glued the animals on. I also poked skewers into the lid and prepoked holes into the “apples” for K to be able to stack more easily.

Next, we tasted another apple. This time H chose a Granny Smith. They each ate a small slice and didn’t seem to like it much because of how sour it was. So I used that excuse to break out some yummy things to dip them in (melted chocolate, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and melted caramels). The apples were gone in no time!



K colored another “A” page. I tried to get her to trace the “a”s, to point out the apples and then to color them. We practiced saying a, apple and signing “apple” some more.


Then I gave K some little green apples to add to the red ones from yesterday.

20140107-121639.jpg H again hid the apples for K find again. Only this time she decided to hide the green ones for me and red ones for K. After that, I hid the green ones for H and the red ones for K. K gets so excited when she finds one! After that I tried to get K to sort the apples by color. She seemed to get it, but it didn’t hold her attention for long.

Day Three
Today we looked at her A paper and traced it with our fingers (me holding hers then she insisted on doing it while holding mine. Lol). I had her point out the apples on the A’s and to say “a” and do the apple sign.

We made apple muffins and chocolate ones, too, because H begged for them. The girls both did really well helping to mix the ingredients.


The apple muffins were delicious! I found the recipe in the “A is for Apple” packet I downloaded from a website. I’ll try to post the link when I find it.

Then K put stickers over the “a”s on the apple. She did really well for her first time. I’m going to try to find clear ones like I’ve seen other bloggers mention.


Day Four
Today we played with play doh again (although her attention span isn’t very long with it). We stamped the a’s, made apples for the trees and then made teeth for the alligator (ok, I know it says crocodile, but I changed it to fit the A theme).


Later that day we pulled out the paint and experimented with stamping the a’s, making an apple tree (finger prints are the apples), and then just getting messy.




We read a book about apples and I had her point out some apples, the trees and the seeds. She had fun pointing and doing the apple signs.

Day Five
(Well I had a number of things written out here and after I published the post I found out that it all got deleted. I don’t remember all I had written, so I’ll probably miss some of what I wrote. Bummer.)

Today we had an apple pie party since big sis requested one to go with her book study. And since it was the 100th day of school we had all kinds of fun! The girls colored 100 sunglasses:

I made 100 out of mini chocolate chips for each of them, which they quickly gobbled up!
We made apple stained glass type decorations:

K helped us make the pie for the party:



We had apple sandwiches for lunch (apple slices with peanut butter, marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips inbetween):



K was napping during the apple pie party but she got the enjoy the decorations and apple pie afterwards.

K loved the apple pie we made. She even requested seconds and thirds!


She also enjoyed playing with the apple pie playdoh we made. It smells so wonderful! Here’s the play pie H made for the party with the playdoh:


Sometime during the day I let her dissect the middle of the apples (left from the pies and apple sandwiches). She had fun picking out the seeds and even started clearly saying “seed!”


We glued the seeds onto a foam “A” I cut out. It now hangs on her wall by her bed (I plan to make a letter to hang each week).



We also finished up the worksheets from 1+1+1=1. She painted with q-tips to fill in the a’s (with some help).

And we used apple seed pictures 1&2 to practice counting. We put chocolate chips where the seeds were and I counted each one before she ate them. I wasn’t always quick enough though! Then I punched out the holes And used a green pipe cleaner for a worm. We made the worm crawl in and out of the apples. She had fun with that!



Next we’re studying K! I’ll explain in that post why we’re doing the letters out of order.


Tot school February 11, 2013

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Reading a few posts recently about another homeschool mom’s tot school, inspired me to start being more intentional about some of the time I spend with my 14 month old. I know she’s young and I don’t plan on being too organized with school as of yet with her, but I do want to get her sitting still longer and focusing a little better. I feel like my 4 yr old did a lot better with these things at her sister’s age, but maybe my memory is a bit honeymoon-ized.

We’ve been playing in the sandbox a lot. She enjoys it like nothing else. I was amazed the first time I introduced it to her. I expected mixed reactions as a lot of babies seem to not like the feeling of sand. But she dove right in, literally.


We’ve also gone to the beach a few times and she seems to enjoy that for a while.




Don’t you love Florida. I mean, where else can you go to the beach in January and February?

I’ve tried coloring with her a few times. She does get the idea of putting the crayon to the paper and taps it on there a lot. But after a while the crayons do end up in her mouth. So, yeah, gotta watch that closely.

We’ve also focused on playing with her pop up toys (the ones where you push or turn the buttons and an animals pops up) and a weeble type set where you put the weebles into holes and watch them slide down.

She loves pulling books out of the book basket and looking at them on her own. She can sit for quiet a while just flipping through books. But she still doesn’t sit still enough to actually read more than one page together. That or she tries to grab the book out of my hand or close it. She’s done surprisingly well with H’s paper page books. I put them all up for a while fearing she’d rip them up, she only a couple pages have suffered in the past couple months. Pretty good track record I’d say!




Tonight I cut a whole in an old (clean) coffee can and gave K some puffy balls to stick into the hole. I was amazed at how well she did. She focused really hard on it and she only attempted to put them in her mouth twice. But apparently she didn’t like the fuzzy feeling.


We also used an empty tissue box and some of the single duplo blocks too. She seemed to enjoy using both and the resulting rattling noises that came from shaking them afterwards.

I plan to keep researching and coming up with some new fun (and cheap) activities for her. And I’ll be sure to share what we try!