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Etsy October 14, 2011

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For anyone interested, I am starting to sell a few jewelry pieces on Etsy. Well, I should say that I’ve listed pieces on there, but I haven’t sold anything.

P31Jewelry Etsy

Take a look and refer your friends, too. Soon I’m opening a Facebook page just for my jewelry, too.

Now’s the time to put in orders for holiday gifts!


Unintentially fulfilled February 9, 2011

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So it just dawned on me that tonight (and many other nights) I’ve unintentionally fulfilled one of the verses in my key theme.

Proverbs 31:18 “She sees that her trading is profitable,
and her lamp does not go out at night.”

See, I’m just now laying in bed for the night and it’s exactly 2:15 am. I’m not in the habit of staying up this late, although I am a bit of a night owl. The reason I’m up so late is that Seth and I just finished the 2nd and last season of a show that we’d been Netflixing (pretty sure that’s not a real word, although it probably will be one soon). And although we spent a good 3 hours on a show marathon, the time was not in vain. No! I’ve finally made myself some new jewelry. And it’s actually for me, myself!

See, I rarely keep any of my creations for myself. Instead I usually wear a basic sterling silver necklace with a charm or some beaded jewelry that I bought before my beading hobby took off. This may seem insignificant. But I’m glad to finally have some of my own so that when people ask (like they always seem to do these days) if this or that necklace is mine. I can actually say “yes”! And another exciting part of the equation is that I made necklaces to go specifically with some new shirts I just bought. I think that this could be a new facet to my jewelry business. Bring me a shirt or dress you want jewelry made for and I’ll design pieces especially for you! No joke…I think I’m gonna start doing it.

So, back to my original point…I double dutied my time tonight. Mixing pleasure (more like relaxation) with business. And I did it all without letting my lamp go out. Aka, I didn’t turn off the light switch or run out of electricity. Although my internal lamp, aka energy, is crashing quick.

Speaking of quick…a quick note about the series we just finished. Whenever we finish a series and it’s actually over for good (or at least we’re waiting for the next season) I feel like I’ve lost some close friends. Like I’m missing something. It’s always fun for us to have a series we’re watching so we have something to fall back on and watch when we’re lazy and just want to relax together. It’s nice to not have to decide which movie to watch, to have no commercials and to only have to commit to 30-45 minutes at a time for an episode. Although we can rarely make ourselves stop at one. Guess they’re kinda like chips in that way.

Oh, and about the actual series we were watching. It was a good one. Of course it had some “stuff” in it. Doesnt almost every show? But by comparison it wasn’t too bad. Because of course thats ok to judge it by…comparison, I know, I know.

Anyways. For those of you who have seen it, you’ll get this. If not, then I don’t want to be a spoiler. I’m glad that this show ended up with most of the strings tied. I hate it when shows (ahem…lost, etc) end with more questions than you started with. But I’m still left wondering and wanting more. Here’s what I’m wondering…when did Boyd and Dr. Sanders get imprinted? Before or after the kissing scene? They couldn’t have been traitors all along, right? And seriously, why did Paul Ballard have to die? Couldnt he have lived through to the last 10 minutes of the show to live happily ever after with Echo? And ok, when and how did Alpha become a good guy?? Really? I didn’t see that one coming.

Well, on that note I’ll leave probably most of you wondering and possibly googling to see what in the world I’m talking about. And I better go to sleep and finally let my lamp go out (more like turn off) for the night.


Moving on up August 24, 2010

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So, I’m getting more excited about the jewelry business and am working to expand it. I ordered super cute business cards today and I’m starting a blog just for the jewelry.

Here’s the new site: www.p31jewelry.wordpress.com

I’m thinking about starting to do jewelry making classes and also having jewelry parties sometime once I get my “stock” built up. I feel kinda silly about this stuff…mainly because I’ve never done anything like this before. But I’m super excited at the same time. I feel like this is ALL I think about. But it really isn’t. It just feels like it sometimes.

I’d love to have your input…whether good or bad!


Few More Additions August 21, 2010

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Here are the newest additions within the past few days….

I really like how the second necklace (turquoise one) came out. I’ll have to make some more of those in different colors. Let me know if you want to request one in a specific color scheme.


Newest Stuff August 20, 2010

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Its be a little while since I’ve updated my jewelry page, so there are a ton of new pics! I’m continuing to get even more excited about my jewelry “business.” Its slowly expanding to more and more customers (some that I don’t even know!). Feel free to pass on my name and blog store to any of your friends : )

Also just a reminder… I can make bracelets, necklaces, lanyards, earrings, keychains, children’s bracelets, anklets and glasses bands. I will soon be expanding to beaded bookmarks, too. I have already made items and I also do special orders (no extra charge). And I am willing to ship to out of area customers for a small fee. Shipping is pretty cheap with most of the jewelry items.

Thanks to all of you who are already customers!!


I’m Excited… August 6, 2010

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I’m Excited About…

1.  This new book I got in the mail today…that and the other two I received earlier this week. Can’t wait to read them all and share the good tidbits…

2.   D-Group tonight and the yummy peanut butter chocolate cookies I’m going to make.  Don’t worry I’ll share the pic and recipe later : )

3. Netflix on the PS3.  We’ve only had it for a couple weeks now, but I am loving it.  Sure beats paying for cable (not that we have yet!).  I watched Julia & Julie today while I was making more jewelry.  So fun!  Sure beats sitting at the table working.  Surprisingly the movie didn’t really inspire me to go cook.  But it was a fun movie.

4. Blues Clues, Go Diego Go!, and Dora on Netflix.  Yes, Netflix has 3 seasons of each show!  Which means…no more watching the same videos over and over and over!  Haddie laid in my bed next to me while I worked (on jewelry of course) and we watched the very 1st 2 episodes of Blues Clues.  Funny how some of the songs sound different in these early episodes.  Anyways.  It was fun!

5. My jewelry business.  If you can call it that.  I’m getting more orders, which makes me more excited.  When I started this I figured I’d only sell like $20-30 worth, but now I’m doing 10x that with the orders I still have to fill.  Its a lot of fun…and like I said before, definitely a God thing.  I always wished for some way to actually work from home and enjoy it.  I think I may have found it! Here’s some of my newest designs…

6.  My super cute daughter!  I have so much fun with her…if I haven’t said that enough already!  Today she wanted a bracelet with my new daisy buttons.  So, I made her one.  And she was so funny how she kept holding the arm up that had the bracelet on it…like she couldn’t use it. haha.  Oh, how much I love her!

7. My God!  He never ceases to amaze me how he provides, cares about us, blesses us beyond measure, and how patient he is!  Wow.


More New Supplies August 3, 2010

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I went jewelry supplies shopping again…after all, I need more stuff to fill my orders…and to create more : )

Here’s what I bought:

Daisy Buttons

So I can make more lanyards similar to this one:

I bought more beads and charms too:

I think these would look cute on necklaces or lanyards:

And more charms and glass beads for bracelets and such:

Let me know if any of these interest you and I’ll design you something! : )