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Matzah November 6, 2012

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We made matzah bread (crackers) to go with our school this week. We have been reading Mrs. Katz and Tush and learning about Jewish foods and Passover. I looked through a number of recipes online and in some of the children’s books we borrowed from the library. This seemed like one of the easiest ones:


It was difficult to roll it out super thin and I think ours was probably still thicker than its supposed to be. But I actually liked the thicker pieces the best.

After we rolled it out, we poked holes in it to keep it from rising:


And the finished product:


At first, I wasn’t too fond of it, but it quickly became addicting to snack on. And after trying the store bought version, I can say that homemade is better without a doubt (like most things!).


Cloud Bread–Fail May 24, 2012

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I saw this recipe on Pinterest for cloud bread. It was supposed to be low in carbs (no flour) and still good. I mean, it’s gotta be good if it’s named, “cloud,” right? It just sounds fluffy and yummy.

Well…mine didn’t turn out so yummy. Talk about fail…



So much for yummy and fluffy. Seth said instead of cumulus clouds, I ended up with stratus. Thought that was a good analogy.

I dont know what went wrong. I cooked it for 10 min less than the cook time. I made less buns so it should have been thicker (at least theoretically). Maybe I ended up with some yolk in the whites? Maybe my cream of tartar was too old? Who knows. I’m not too eager to try the experiment again. But maybe someday. I put the ones I could scrap off the pans into a ziploc bag to see if they’ll soften up overnight like the recipe suggests. I’m not holding my breath. But maybe you’d have more luck?


No Bake Granola Bars May 19, 2012

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We go through granola bars like nobody’s business around here. I feel like Haddie is constantly asking for one and since I’ve been trying to eat every few hours to speed up my metabolism, granola bars are a quick and easy snack to grab occasionally. But I’m kinda picky about granola bars and my favorite are the Quaker oats chocolate chips ones. When I saw this recipe on pinterest, I knew I needed to try it.

No Bake Granola Bars

I followed the directions and like that author, used quick oats instead of granola. I also used some crushed honey nut crunch cereal instead of the rice krispies. I also added coconut.

The end product tastes great, but I couldn’t get mine to stick together. I tried to smash it down like the recipe says, but I couldn’t do it much without it just getting pushed up in another spot. I made it on half a cookie sheet. Next time I’ll use a bread pan or 9×9 pan. Maybe that’ll work better.

Also, if I make it again I’ll probably reduce the honey and sugar a bit so that it’s not do sweet and a bit healthier. I may even throw in some flax seed or more nuts next time.


Baked Banana Pecan Coconut Oatmeal

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I’ve been seeing lots of baked oatmeal recipes on Pinterest. Since it’s Saturday and I’m not rushing off somewhere this morning, I decided to give one of them a try.


I don’t normally like the mushy texture of oatmeal so this baked version was good. It was soft but not too soft. And the nuts and coconut gave it a good crunchier texture.

I only had one overtly ripe banana so I made sure to add a bit more liquid ingredients. This happened to be more yogurt so that I just used a whole yogurt container (personal serving size). I used vanilla yogurt since I didn’t have plain. And I didn’t add any extra sugar or honey. It tastes just fine without it. I also just used regular milk instead of almond.

Baked Banana Pecan Coconut Oatmeal


Olive Garden Breadsticks March 9, 2012

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These were Pinterest inspired, of course! When I saw the pic of these and read that they were supposed to be like Olive Garden’s I knew I needed an excuse to try them. I don’t usually serve bread with meals because I figure we don’t need any extra carbs. I’d probably break that rule more often if I ever remembered and had time to make homemade bread. Well, today I actually had enough time to let the dough rise and all, so I whipped these up:

Homemade Olive Garden Breadsticks

While I don’t think mine turned out anything like their namesake, they were still really yummy. I think the difference was the fact that I used half while wheat flour. But honestly it was still yummy and probably even healthier, right?


Pumpkin Pancakes October 31, 2011

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Last night I made these scrumptious pancakes:

Pumpkin Pancakes

They were really easy to make and super yummy! There wasn’t a strong pumpkin taste at all, but it was nice to know I was getting some extra veggies! The pancakes were really moist too, and so much better than pancakes from a box.

In case you don’t have to buttermilk (like I didn’t), here’s a simple substitution:

How to make buttermilk


Pumpkin Muffins October 22, 2011

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Along with the rest if our baking bonanza today, we had to bake something pumpkin of course (since it finally feels like fall and all!). These muffins were seriously delicious and really moist. I doubled the recipe and put chopped pecans on top of half of them and chocolate chips on top of the other half. They both turned out really good. The pictures make them look kinda dark, but they really weren’t burnt. It’s just from the pumpkin color and the whole wheat flour. And probably the lighting, too.



I found this recipe on The Happy Housewife’s blog recently. She’s posted a lot of yummy looking recipes recently that I want to try out next. Her recipes are really the best!

Here’s the link:

Pumpkin Muffins

Happy baking!