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Spaghetti Squash Lasagna October 24, 2013

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I made this yummy casserole tonight. It might sound weird, but it is really good! And it’s a great low carb recipe. Here’s the recipe:

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

I changed the recipe just a bit by putting it all in a 13X9 pan and making two layers of the squash. I put a thin layer of spaghetti sauce first, half of the spaghetti squash, some ricotta cheese, a layer of shredded cheese (mozzarella or an Italian cheese blend). Then repeat spaghetti sauce, squash, ricotta and cheese layers. I finished with a light layer of spaghetti sauce and more shredded cheese (hey, what can I say? We like cheese!).


Sour Cream and Bacon Chicken (Crockpot) November 15, 2012

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I found this recipe on Pinterest and was excited, because what could be better than sour cream and bacon on chicken? And I thought Seth would love.

It was good, but not that good. Neither of us liked how undercooked the bacon seemed. Personally, I like my bacon pretty crispy. The recipe said you could precook the bacon some or just wrap the chicken in raw bacon. I was short on time so I just used raw bacon. I would definitely recommend precook the bacon at least some. I’ll probably try this the next time I make it.


Orange Teriyaki Chicken November 8, 2012

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I made this earlier this week and it turned out great. The recipe is actually for grilled chicken kabobs. I made them this way, but next time I’ll probably just bake them with the sauce instead. I am horrible at grilling at it probably doesn’t help that our grill is very inconsistent. It’s either like “hey, let me burn the crud out of your meat or I will barely heat it.” So it took a lot longer to grill them and the ends got black. But anyways, I say all that to explain that we liked the sauce but I didn’t like all the extra work of making the kabobs and grilling.

And I don’t seem to have good luck with the kabob sticks. I have wooden ones and I make sure to soak them in water but they always catch on fire and turn into black stubby ends. Is that just normal?

Like I mentioned, we really liked the sauce. It wasn’t too orangey but it did have a little of a spicy kick to it. I will be making it again, just probably baked.

Oh and of course you know where I found the recipe…

Orange Teriyaki Chicken


Beef & Broccoli (slow cooker) November 7, 2012

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Seth loves Chinese, but restaurant bought doesn’t agree very well with my stomach (probably the MSG and the cat meat..) or my wallet. So when I saw this on Pinterest, I knew we should give it a try. Plus, I was hoping this recipe would be yummier and the beef not be so fatty and chewy (like restaurant Chinese). And I was right! This turned out super yummy. I have eaten the left overs a few times and its still good. Even Haddie ate the beef and the broccoli well. Im definitely going to be making this again. It was pretty easy. The hardest part was cutting up the beef. And that could be made easier if you just buy the beef already cut up for stews. Oh, and I used frozen broccoli and just dumped it in still froze and it turned out great! Not to watery or too squishy.

Beef & Broccoli


Zucchini & Black Bean Skillet November 6, 2012

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This dish ended up even better than I expected. I ate a lot of left overs and actually enjoyed them a lot. I added ground beef and chopped carrots to the recipe. Also, I used regular canned diced tomatoes instead of fire roasted. And a few of the times I used chips to scoop it up and eat it instead of just a fork. It reminded me of the Texas Skillet dish my mom used to make only with different beans and zucchini.

It is a dish I will be making again! Oh and of course, I found it on Pinterest.

Zucchini & Black Bean Skillet


Lasagna Soup October 28, 2012

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The cooler windy (so called tropical storm) weather was a great excuse to try this recipe. I really liked it. I can’t say the same about the guys though. Apparently neither of them are fans of soup so that automatically brought it down a few notches to begin with. Why else they didn’t like it, I still don’t know. But I just had a bowl of leftovers and its still good! I would recommend using regular canned diced tomatoes instead of the fire roasted. I didn’t really like the flavor the fire roasted gave. I also used hamburger instead of the sausage since I don’t care for it. And I added zucchini to add more veggies. It was a good addition. I served with breadsticks and of course the recommended cheeses!

Oh and of course I found the recipe on Pinterest.

Lasagna Soup

We’re going to be making some Jewish Passover recipes for homeschool this week so I’ll be sharing those as we make them.


Honey Garlic Porkchops October 24, 2012

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And, it’s no surprise…I found this recipe on Pinterest.

Honey Garlic Porkchops

I marinated the Porkchops in the sauce all the day and baked them instead of grilling. They had good flavor, but some how I always end up over cooking them so that they’re a bit too chewy. I can’t seem to ever cook them right. They’re either undercooked or overdone. Arg. But they still tasted good.